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Stage Fright (08:08)


Gestalt therapy focuses on the now; the goal is to learn to cope with whatever happens. College students describe how they experience stage fright. Dr. Frederick Perls leads them through exercises to help them assimilate some of their projections..

Dreams (16:06)

Dreams are an existential message and a fragment of our personality; any interpretation on the therapist's part is a mistake. Two college students describe their dreams. Perls leads them through exercises to help them determine the message.

Dreamwork: Mother/Daughter Relationship (12:10)

After working through a dream and integrating some of the fragmented pieces, another dream will then show more of what is occurring. The most observed dream appears real. A college student describes her dream and Perls leads her through exercises to help her determine its message.

Personal Growth (06:34)

Interpreting another's dream prevents that person from growing. The college student feels cutoff from herself and Perls leads her through exercises. Perls compares the dream technique to Moreno's and Carl Rogers' techniques.

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Frederick Perls and Gestalt Therapy: Part 2

Part of the Series : Frederick Perls and Gestalt Therapy
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This program demonstrates Gestalt technique in practice. Dr. Frederick (Fritz) Perls discusses his dream theory and describes a dream as an existential message in which one's existence is clarified.

Length: 44 minutes

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