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Quantifying Goals (02:47)


People aren't very good at achieving personal goals. One mistake is to set vague goals. Measure yourself quantitatively and set a target for improvement.

Realistic Goals (01:41)

Some set impossible goals, or too many at once; organizations often have this second problem. Sometimes we need to break a larger, currently impossible goal down into smaller goals.

Conflicting Goals (02:10)

A common problem is setting conflicting goals. Prioritizing and balancing are key.

Learning From Experience (03:00)

People setting goals often fail to learn from failure at the same goals and consider what went wrong. Setting a goal you have already achieved is also a mistake- push yourself; it helps to team with a friend.

Celebrating Goal Achievement (00:58)

Celebrating goal achievement is crucial, to recognize a milestone. High-achievers often never allow themselves to be satisfied, meaning there is no incentive to achieve the goal.

Mental Approaches (01:08)

Visualizing success is key to motivation. Expect setbacks so they do not discourage you.

Credits: Personal Goal Setting (00:18)

Credits: Personal Goal Setting

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How often have you set a goal but struggled to achieve it? This video helps you improve your success rate by taking note of the five common mistakes people make when setting goals and how to overcome them. Topics in the program include unclear and vague goals, unrealistic goals, conflicting goals, not learning from experience, and not celebrating goal achievements. Viewable/printable educational materials are available online. (13 minutes)

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