Titles in this Series

To the Manor Born

Item #: 240914

Against All Odds

Item #: 240915

Write My Name in the Book of Life

Item #: 240916

No Irish Need Apply

Item #: 240917

Country Roots

Item #: 240918

The Shirts on their Backs

Item #: 240919

The New World

Item #: 240920

On Broadway

Item #: 240921

Laughing on the Inside

Item #: 240953

Anchored to the Past

Item #: 240954

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Renowned scholar Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. returns for an all-new season of Finding Your Roots. Over the course of ten episodes, Gates uses genealogical detective work and cutting-edge DNA analysis to guide twenty influential guests through the branches of their family trees, traveling hundreds of years into the past to discover people and places long forgotten. From coastal towns in Italy to rural villages in Russia to the slave plantations of the antebellum South, the surprising stories of extraordinary ancestors are brought back to life from the annals of history. As the pages turn in each guest’s book of life, emotional revelations give way to complex questions about individual and collective identity. Through Gates’ discerning touch, Finding Your Roots reveals what every family history shares—love, hardship, and triumph—human experiences that transcend borders and merge to form an American root system fortified by its diversity. The season features actors Glenn Close, John Lithgow, Jane Lynch, Christopher Meloni, and Tony Shalhoub; Broadway stars Audra McDonald and Mandy Patinkin; filmmakers Kasi Lemmons and John Waters; talk show host and author Andy Cohen; journalists Gretchen Carlson, Maria Hinojosa, Don Lemon, and Nina Totenberg; comedians Lewis Black, Jim Gaffigan, and Roy Wood, Jr.; and musicians Clint Black, Rosanne Cash, and Pharrell Williams.

Length: 480 minutes

Item#: FMK240913

Copyright date: ©2021

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