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Protecting Personal Health Information (05:29)


Learn the difference between privacy and confidentiality and obstacles to maintaining confidentiality. HIPAA was enacted in 1996 and went into effect in 2002. HIPAA Title II focuses on the security and privacy of protected health information and national standards for its transfer.

Exceptions to Privacy Rule (02:50)

Providers can only discuss PHI if it is directly related to treatment. Patient authorization is needed for routine and non-routine use of personal protected health information. Health insurance cannot give out medical information to a patient's potential employer without written consent. Patients must receive written notice of privacy policies.

Enforcement Rule (04:37)

The Security Rule includes administrative, physical, and technical safeguards. Penalties for violating HIPAA can include fines and jail time. HIPAA mandates the use of National Provider Identifiers.

Credits: Confidentiality: HIPAA Regulations (2020 edition) (01:11)

Credits: Confidentiality: HIPAA Regulations (2020 edition)

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Confidentiality: HIPAA Regulations (2020 edition)

Part of the Series : Confidentiality (2020 edition)
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Protecting personal health information is not only the law, but also an ethical and moral obligation of all healthcare professionals. This program concentrates on HIPAA Title II, the Administrative Simplification section of HIPAA that focuses on two things: the security and privacy of protected health information and the national standards for its transfer. It defines PHI, provides examples of of when patient authorization is needed for the release of PHI, lists exemptions to the Privacy Rule, and describes three safeguards of the Security Rule.

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