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The Nursing Assistant: Pressure Ulcer Prevention (2021 edition)

Part of the Series : The Nursing Assistant (2021 edition)
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3-Year Streaming Price: $149.95



Pressure ulcers are among the most commonly cited survey deficiencies and are also one of the leading causes of nursing home litigation. In some states, jury awards against facilities that fail to prevent or treat pressure ulcers have exceeded tens of millions of dollars. However, with a proper prevention program in place, most pressure ulcers are preventable. According to federal regulations, nursing homes must ensure that an individual who is admitted without pressure ulcers does not develop pressure ulcers while being cared for at the facility. Federal regulations also say that if a resident develops a pressure ulcer while in the facility, the resident must receive the necessary treatment to promote healing and to ensure that another one does not occur. This program looks at the role of the nursing assistant in helping to prevent pressure ulcers and in making sure that a facility’s pressure ulcer prevention program is successful. It considers ways to identify who is at risk for developing pressure ulcers, discusses areas of the body where pressure ulcers may develop, and examines the appearance of a pressure ulcer in its early stages. The program demonstrates skills for avoiding pressure ulcers.

Length: 19 minutes

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