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"Iliad": Ulysses' Deceit (04:44)


The king of Ithaca does not want to leave his wife and son to go to war with Troy. He attempts to trick Agamemnon's emissaries.

"Iliad": Achilles's Choice (04:31)

Agamemnon despises the king who has been blessed by the gods. He sends Ulysses to fetch the king of Phthia and his army to go to Troy knowing that he will die young as a hero.

"Iliad": Eldest Son of King Priam (02:41)

Hector blames Paris for the impending attack on Troy. Paris believes the city is invincible against the Greek army.

"Iliad": Daughter of King Priam (03:40)

Hecuba attempts to silence Cassandra. Apollo taught her to predict the future and interpret the oracles, but took away her gift of persuasion.

"Iliad": Calchas' Pronouncement (03:19)

Agamemnon consults the gods when calm seas stop the Greek fleet. Artemis opposes their departure. She demands he sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia.

"Iliad": Death of Iphigenia (05:49)

Agamemnon agrees to sacrifice his daughter. Ulysses suggests a plot and Iphigenia agrees to marry Achilles. The Greek Army sets sail for Troy.

Credits: Iliad: Episode 2 - Time for Sacrifice (00:30)

Credits: Iliad: Episode 2 - Time for Sacrifice

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Iliad: Episode 2 - Time for Sacrifice

Part of the Series : The Great Greek Myths - Iliad
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All of the Greek kings and their armies have responded to Agamemnon's call... All except two, that is: Odysseus, who pretends to be mad to avoid having to fight a war he does not believe in, although he is quickly found out, and Achilles, the greatest Greek warrior of all, who has never been fond of Agamemnon...

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