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Shadowing Grandfather (03:27)


A young boy in a remote village in Bhutan follows his grandfather and friends on their adventures, dreaming of one day being able to join in the fun

Bhutan's Tax Collector (01:49)

The king's tax collector was an important person in the village. He would come to collect taxes in the form of produce. Grandfather used to say that if things went wrong in the village, it was the chief's job to fix them.

Bhutanese Heritage (07:15)

Every year, when the weather becomes warmer, the speaker's mother used to take them to a beautiful place. It was an hour walk down the valley.

The Game is Winning (19:06)

The narrator's grandfather would make an annual journey to visit an old woman who used to be his girlfriend. The narrator and his brother would go out and shoot together, and the only thing that mattered was winning the game.

Kuenphen: Village Hero (04:09)

Kuenphen had to prove himself to grandfather and the village that he was worth the chance. He did this by becoming a village hero on his first night out.

Wanting to See the World (08:57)

The narrator reflects on his decision to see the world, and how his perspective has changed since then.

Traveling to Trongsa (04:52)

The speaker loved archery because it transported him to another place and allowed him to be himself.

Thimphu Fortress (22:18)

The Trongsa Dzong is the center of all government business in the Trongsa region and is also home to many hundreds of monks.

Bhutan's Karma Ceremony (15:27)

When someone dies in a remote area of Bhutan, their body is carried back to their village. This can often mean carrying the corpse across mountains if the village is far away.

Credits (03:21)


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Set in the 1970s in the ancient Himalayan Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan, this film follows the drama of a brother and sister who live in a remote village. They tradtional archery from their old warrior grandfather. Featuring a cast entirely made up of local actors, the film offers a window into the traditional medieval life of this tiny, isolated country.

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