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Purpose of the Job Interview (02:26)


Differently abled persons share their thoughts about the purpose and importance of the job interview. It is the best time and place to sell yourself to a potential employer and stand out from other applicants.

The Interview and Your Disability (04:16)

Whether an applicant has a diasbility or not, it is essential to present your skills, knowledge, and experience in such a way that you will be perceived as a perfect fit for the job.

Preparation for the Interview (05:05)

Research the company to find its mission and goal statements. Consider how you will sell yourself as a good fit with the company's goals in mind. Learn how to prepare for every aspect of the job interview including personal appearance tips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (07:37)

Learn how to respond to standard interview questions. Nearly every interviewer will ask about knowledge, skills, and abilities. Answer each question in a way that showcases strengths and positive attributes.

The Interview (03:19)

The ADA protects disabled job applicants by mandating that certain questions cannot be asked in a job interview. Applicants might be asked whether they can perform essential functions of the job. Be prepared to discuss accommodations you would need.

Job Offer (00:52)

Once an applicant is offered a job, then questions about salary and benefits are appropriate. Several differently-abled employees provide useful tips.

Didn't Get the Job? (02:57)

After a positive job interview, the interviewee may not be offered a job. The applicant could ask why he or she wasn't offered the job. Ask for feedback or advice about the interview; ask about being reconsidered, or kept in mind for future openings.

Credits: Job Interview Essentials for People with Disabilities (01:06)

Credits: Job Interview Essentials for People with Disabilities

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Job Interview Essentials for People with Disabilities

Part of the Series : Disabilities at Work: Successful Job Hunting for People with Disabilities
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Job interviews are stressful for everybody, and maybe even more so for people with disabilities. But they don’t have to be. This video shows how to turn an interview into a self-selling opportunity that focuses on what a disabled candidate can do, no matter how obvious his or her physical limitations might be. Offering detailed pointers on preparing for an interview, including ways to project confidence and a positive attitude, the program also suggests approaching an interview as a chance to dispel stereotypes and improve a prospective employer’s understanding of disabilities. Ways to respond effectively to frequently asked questions—some appropriate, some illegal, all of them challenging—are presented along with a helpful discussion of how to follow up after an interview. A Cambridge Educational/MotionMasters Co-Production. A part of the series Disabilities at Work: Successful Job Hunting for People with Disabilities. (28 minutes)

Length: 29 minutes

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“An excellent primer for people with disabilities who are preparing for a job search and going on interviews....Highly recommended.”  —Video Librarian

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