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Emotions Rage After the Killing of Trayvon Martin (03:24)


Anger, fear, anxiety, incredible sadness, desire for revenge, thoughts of retaliation, and a sense of hopelessness are just some of the emotions that raged during the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin killing.

Aftermath of Martin's Death (00:34)

The city manager had the power to fire the police chief, and did so after 44 days. He also relied heavily on the DOJ for an investigation into the police department.

When Police Officers Are Attacked (02:06)

The city manager wanted to find out what was the pattern of practices under the then chief of police. What were they doing, how were they doing the job, and was it procedurally correct?

Sanford's City Charter (02:41)

The mayor of Sanford, Florida, calls for the resignation of the city's police chief in the wake of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. He also urges the city commission to reconsider its vote to fire the police chief.

Why Sanford Becomes an Example (03:51)

Sanford is trying to move forward and be an example to the world of how to handle racism. The city manager and police chief should have gotten out in front of the situation and explained why Zimmerman had not been arrested.

Goldsboro History Museum (03:28)

This museum was opened up in 2011 in order to preserve the history of Goldsboro, which was once an independent city. The museum also features a memorial to Trayvon Martin, which was created by John Watson.

Black Male Extinction Phenomenon (02:43)

Sherry Ann Suttles, first Black female city manager of Oberlin, Ohio, and professional friend and colleague of Norton Bonaparte, shares her thoughts on the Black male extinction phenomenon and how to control Black male killing.

Credits (03:12)


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The fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman occurred on February 26, 2012 in the community of Sanford, Florida. The incident caused huge waves throughout the world, and raised many questions about the approach that was taken by the city officials of Sanford while investigating the incident. This documentary focuses on the 44 days directly after the shooting and the mounting pressure from around the nation that finally led to the arrest and charging of Zimmerman. The issues of social justice and judicial and municipal efficiency that were raised during this period are examined through in-depth interviews with Sanford city council and law enforcement officials.

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