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Introduction: Tea for Me - An Honest Journey to Profits (00:49)


This segment orients viewers to the topics of Seth Goldman and his business practices.

The Right Idea (01:05)

Goldman recalls developing the idea for Honest Tea in 1997. Is an empty shelf space an opportunity or a black hole?

The First Buyer (01:21)

Goldman starts a beverage company from his home in 1998. He obtains an audience with the buyer of Whole Foods and Honest Tea enters 17 stores; the product is the best sales point.

Priorities (00:39)

Honest Tea embodies Goldman's personal values. The company's products are organic, sourced from Fair Trade certified growers, and are zero or low calorie.

What's In a Bottle (01:06)

Goldman discusses choosing the shape of the bottle for Honest Tea products and branding. The products, practices, office space, and staff reflects company values.

Marketing (00:47)

Focus is on connecting people in a different way. Every summer, Honest Tea's marketing campaign consists of the National Honesty Index.

Fostering an Entrepreneurial Culture (01:18)

Honest Tea offers individuals a chance to work for a company in which they believe—it is a competitive advantage. Goldman reflects on hiring and firing.

Traits of an Entrepreneur (00:41)

Common themes include passion, a sense of optimism, good communication, persistence, and resiliency.

Selling a Company (01:12)

Goldman jokes that Honest Tea operated like a non-profit for the first ten years. Coca-Cola purchases 40% of Honest Tea in 2008 and the remaining 60% in 2011.

Beyond Selling Tea (00:55)

Goldman decides to create a plant-based burger that has the same nutrients as a beef burger. In 2015, he becomes the executive chairman of Beyond Meat.

Credits: Tea for Me - An Honest Journey to Profits (00:12)

Credits: Tea for Me - An Honest Journey to Profits

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Tea for Me - An Honest Journey to Profits

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A timely and refreshing presentation on vision, ethical business practices, fair trade, recognizing market opportunity, unique marketing strategies attracting and growing people. Seth Goldman, founder of Honest Tea and Executive Chairman of Beyond Meat relays his journey to building the largest Organic Tea Drink and then selling it to Coca Cola. Seth is the TEO still at Honest Tea and has helped grow Beyond Meat into one of the most exciting product companies and stock offerings in current times.

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