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National Gallery of London (05:06)


The National Gallery is a museum in London that contains over 2,000 painters, ranging from the Middle Ages to the end of the 19th century. It also has the largest collection of paintings from the Italian Renaissance outside of Italy.

Lorenzo Monaco and the Renaissance (03:15)

The Florence Museum of the Renaissance tells the story of the 15th century Italian Renaissance, which began in Florence. The museum features works by artists such as Lorenzo Monaco, Fra Angelico, Masaccio, and Paolo Uccello.

Italy Influences Artists (03:04)

Italy is a country with a rich history and culture that has been influential in the development of art and painting. Some of the most famous painters from Italy include Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael.

The Renaissance (04:25)

The Renaissance was a time of great change in Italy, marked by a renewed interest in the arts and sciences.

The 15th Century Renaissance (05:16)

The Renaissance was a time of great change in which many new and innovative ideas were born. This period in history is marked by a renewed interest in the classical world, the development of new technologies, and the rise of humanism.

Henri Raphael (06:02)

The Renaissance was a time of great change in which people began to appreciate the value of the individual. This was reflected in the art of the time, which became more realistic.

Titian Becomes Official Painter of Venice (10:44)

The show does not accurately depict the events of the crucifixion as they are described in the gospels.

The Baroque Style (04:21)

The Baroque style of art is characterized by its theatrical exuberance and the emotions it seeks to produce in the viewer. The works from this movement thus fall more towards the dramatic side with their mastery of chiaroscuro so dear to Caravaggio.

The Baroque Period (04:52)

The Baroque period was a time of great artistic innovation in Italy. Many famous painters, such as Caravaggio, Ribera, Guercino, and Tiepolo, emerged during this time and created some of their most famous works.

Later Renaissance Painters (04:31)

Canaletto was a Venetian painter who was known for his realistic and detailed paintings of Venice. He was elected to the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice after spending 10 years in England.

Credits (01:17)


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The National Gallery is Britain's most important national art museum. It is devoted solely to Italian painting: pre-Renaissance, Renaissance, and Baroque. All schools are represented with works by Fra Angelico, Boticelli, Canaletto, Lippi, Raphael, Veronese, Caravaggio, Perugino, Titian, Tintoretto, da Vinci and Michelangelo. Visitors can admire "The Virgin with the Rocks" and "The Holy Anne, Virgin, and Child" by Leonardo da Vinci, "The Virgin with the Carnation" by Raphael, and "The Baptism" by Pierro della Francesca, considered one of the most beautiful paintings of the Italian Renaissance.

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