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Introduction: The Queen at War (02:20)


Queen Elizabeth II celebrated the end of World War II. During the war, she appeared in pantomimes, supported charities, and broadcasted to evacuees in America and Canada.

Queen Elizabeth's Childhood (02:56)

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was born April 21st, 1926. Her uncle Edward VIII renounced the throne to King George VI. Elizabeth wrote a detailed account of the coronation ceremony.

World War II Begins (04:01)

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth traveled to London to see the prime minister while their daughters remained in Scotland. Over one million people were evacuated to the countryside. Marion Crawford moved the princesses from Balmoral Castle to Birkhall and donated their coats.

Return to England (04:05)

Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret watched newsreels in a private screening room. The Nazis captured Paris on June 14th, 1940. Lady Anne and Carrie Coke lived at Holkham Hall and plotted Adolf Hitler's death; the queen refused to allow her children to leave the country.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (03:56)

The royal family sailed to Devon and visited the naval college. The prince entertained Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret. Elizabeth continued a correspondence for the next five years.

Life During War (05:50)

On September 7, 1940, the London Blitz began with heavy raids by the Luftwaffe; over 40,000 people died. The princesses saw what ordinary children were experiencing. German bombers embarked on a secret mission to destroy Buckingham Palace.

Royal Family Safety (03:32)

The king and queen took 300 regional tours to raise morale and comfort citizens during World War II. The popularity of the royal family grew as they became more open and accessible.

Children Sent Abroad (05:11)

Before the start of WWII, over 14,000 English children were evacuated to America and Canada. A German submarine torpedoed the SS City of Benares; only seven survived. Princess Elizabeth gave her first radio address for the "BBC Children's Hours."

Preparing the Future Queen (05:52)

Twice a week, Marion Crawford escorted Princess Elizabeth to Eaton College to receive tutoring on British Government procedures. George VI created red dispatch boxes. Elizabeth prepared to play Aladdin during a pantomime; Prince Philip spent Christmas at Windsor Castle.

Series of Raids (03:26)

Elizabeth was appointed Colonel and Chief of the Grenadier Guards on her 16th birthday. Prince George, Duke of Kent, was killed on a trip to Iceland during active service.

Royal Duties (04:14)

Princess Elizabeth visited hospitals and launched ships. D-Day occurred, liberating German-occupied France. V1s attacked London during the summer of 1944; one million people fled the capital.

Auxiliary Territory Service (03:27)

Princess Elizabeth joined the transportation division of the female branch of the British Army. Women became active members of the war effort. People saw Elizabeth as a new generation of hope.

World War II Ends (04:38)

Germany surrendered on May 8, 1945. London celebrated Victory in Europe Day; Elizabeth participated anonymously. On her 21st birthday, she vowed to devote herself to England.

Credits: The Queen at War (00:30)

Credits: The Queen at War

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