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Border Crossings (04:01)


In this episode, four migrants attempt to cross the border into America. A farmer offers travelers a place to rest in Eastern Mexico. Daniel and Victor, two boys from El Salvador, decide to cross the border after an encounter with gangsters.

Fleeing the Northern Triangle (03:33)

Migrants from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador caravan north with intentions of crossin into the United States. President Donald Trump feels they are a threat to national security.

Crossing Cartel Country (03:16)

Rival drug cartels fight for control of territory on "The Road of Death"; kidnapping and murders routinely occur. Father Daniel Ovache finds buses to take migrants into Mexico City. The caravan departs the next day with an armed escort.

Mexico City (05:14)

The government offers a caravan of 6,000 the opportunity to sleep in the football stadium. Tatyana Ramirez, pregnant with her third child, attempts to cross the U.S. border; staying in caravans is dangerous.

Caravan Moves North (05:00)

Miriam Celaya prepares to travel, vowing to bring her children and friend to safety. Tatyana and her family spend the night in a cardboard box and celebrate her eldest daughter's birthday. Ruben Ramirez receives a death threat.

Tijuana, Mexico (02:50)

Migrants waiting in camps can see America through the fence cracks while military helicopters hover above. Tension in the border town increases as residents become suspicious of those waiting to cross

Mexicali (03:08)

Many caravan members feel Tijuana is unsafe and relocate. Cindy reassures the film crew that Celaya is in Texas with her family after being granted asylum.

Return to Tijuana (02:47)

Tatyana is about to go into labor, making a border crossing impossible. Ruben faces months in limbo while petitioning for asylum. The family fears deportation.

Credits: Walk in their Shoes (00:25)

Credits: Walk in their Shoes

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What drives Tatyana, 21, heavily pregnant and with two tiny kids in tow, or 13-year-old Daniel, to make an epic trek over thousands of kilometers? Eric Campbell tells the stories of the people behind Donald Trump’s wall.

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