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Copenhagen, Denmark (08:44)


Klaus Bondam advocates for the city to become the first carbon-neutral capital by 2025. Governments are not meeting commitments made at the Paris Climate Change Conference. Geoengineering proposals include sand piles on the seafloor, covering the oceans with iron filings, and ships pumping seawater mist.

Climeworks (04:12)

Plants in Switzerland, Iceland, and Italy draw in air and bind carbon molecules onto filters before releasing the carbon-free air back into the atmosphere. Christoph Gebald believes they can reduce costs to remove one ton of carbon. The CO2 can be pumped into greenhouses.

Morteratsch Glacier (03:38)

Farmers outside of Zurich experience drought and slaughter their cows earlier. Experts estimate that the glacier will disappear within a lifetime. Ski resorts lay insulation sheets over glaciers to stop the melting.

Blanketing the Atmosphere (05:23)

Prof. Frank Keutsch advocates using high altitude balloons to scatter sun reflecting aerosols across the upper atmosphere. The result would cool the atmosphere but reduce the number of particles in the ozone layer. The IPCC wants carbon-intense fuel phased out by 2050.

Clean Coal (05:57)

The Petra Nova plant uses solvent to collect most of the CO2 from burning coal before it enters the atmosphere. President Donald Trump advocates the program, but Bjørn Lomborg criticizes the technology. Implementing geoengineering and renewable energy programs can solve climate change.

Credits: Climate Hackers (00:24)

Credits: Climate Hackers

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