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War on Crime (04:44)


Jair Bolsonaro promises a crackdown, but critics worry Brazil will become a police state; those who live in favelas are at the epicenter. Police kill 5,000 people annually. This video explores the weeks leading up to Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Mangueira Favela (03:42)

There are over 1,000 slums in Rio de Janeiro. Samba is a mixture of Latin and African rhythms. Thousands of community members rehearse a protest song that commemorates the life of Marielle Franco, the only black city council member.

President of Brazil (04:42)

Bolsonaro is famous for sexist, homophobic, and racist hate speech; his support base is mainly devout conservatives. Silas Malafaia, a Pentecostal minister, has a vast network of churches and business interests.

Death Threats (03:50)

Franco, a black lesbian, grew up in favelas. The city council member spoke against oppression and police brutality until she was assassinated. David Miranda became a member of the National Parliament after Jean Wyllys fled Brazil.

State Parliament (02:02)

Right-wing conservative politicians argue that by killing others, they reduce the crime rate. Rodrigo Amorim explains how Bolsonaro represents an opportunity to change the system. In Brazil, police can shoot to kill, even if the suspects are teenagers.

Supporters and Critics (04:29)

Residents on Copacabana beach share opinions on Bolsonaro's presidency. Many middle-class citizens live in secure compounds. Sagat B. performs in Rio de Janeiro. Favela residents discuss how young people are caught between militias, right-wing conservatives, and criminals.

Future of Brazil (06:10)

Politicians should do what is best for the people of Brazil. Residents of Rio de Janeiro celebrate and watch the local samba schools compete. Miranda performs on a float; Monica Benicio watches as the Mangueira favela flies a flag with Franco's likeness.

Credits: The Battle of Rio (00:30)

Credits: The Battle of Rio

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Democrat or despot? Brazil’s new strongman is cracking down on rampant crime – but many fear the “Trump of the Tropics” is turning his country into a police state. Sally Sara reports.

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