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Middle East Tourism (03:50)


Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy and governed by Sharia law. Vision 2030 wants to diversify the country's economy. Samantha Hawley is not allowed to ask about Jamal Kashoggi, a journalist who was murdered by security.

Changing Religious Interpretations (04:57)

The Mutawa can no longer arrest people for religious and public morality violations. Women are allowed to drive and enjoy more freedoms. Matwa Buyati works as an Uber driver despite her nursing education.

Murdered Journalist (05:02)

Hatice Cengiz advocates justice for the death of Khashoggi and does not believe Saudi Arabia has reformed. Hawley tours burial tombs in the southern capital of the Nabatean Kingdom. The tour guide refuses to answer a question about how its people were cursed.

Archeological Sites (04:33)

Hawley tours "The Library": it dates back to the Dadanian kingdoms. Local residents welcome the film crew in AlUla. An ancient oasis provides water for a date palm farm.

Red Sea Coastline (02:01)

Thousands of tourism projects are scheduled to begin. Yasmin Basha is grateful for new freedoms and works as a diving instructor.

Crackdown on Dissent (02:47)

The government does not accept criticism and arrests women for public disorder and activism. Vision 2030 has a club, but comedians worry they will face conservative backlash.

Old Jeddah (03:54)

The city is the gateway to Mecca. Women who campaign for reform are arrested and jailed; change is coming but will take time. Under the rule of Prince Mohammad bin Salman, public executions still occur in Deera Square.

Exiled Royalty (03:47)

Foreigners believe the crown prince is responsible for Khashoggi's murder and the war in Yemen. Prince Khaled bin Farhan Al-Saud is a long-time critic of the Saudi regime. In Berlin, activists protest against public executions.

Credits: Tourist Mecca (00:26)

Credits: Tourist Mecca

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The 'hidden kingdom' of Saudi Arabia has been mostly closed to journalists and travellers ... until now. In a glitzy PR push, the country wants to promote itself as a tourist destination. But will the notoriously repressive regime deliver on its promise of reform?

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