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Closing Coal Mines (04:04)


Germany closed black coal mines and is phasing out brown coal. Eric Campbell tours a mine in the Ruhr Valley that provided coal to Third Reich munitions factories. Ex-miners rehabilitate mines into tourist attractions.

RAG Corporate Headquarters (03:13)

The last piece of mined coal is on display. Politicians end government subsidies for the industry. Workers receive early retirement or help finding employment in other occupations; Christian represents employees for the trade union.

Brown Coal Production (04:59)

Lusatia possesses huge reserves of low-grade, high-polluting fuel. Environmental activists fight to shut down the industry. "Ende Galände" occupies coal areas, using military tactics to evade police. The "Coal Compromise" stipulates that companies have two decades to cease production.

Renewable Energy Sources (04:16)

Germany relies on domestic and imported coal to help meet energy needs, but 40% comes from renewable sources. Plans include turning old mines into eco-friendly tourist destinations. "Ende Galände" announces their next protest; Frank Seefeld works as a security guard and meat vendor.

Counter-Protests (04:52)

Locals organize a vigil at a plant destined to close in 2028. Konstantin Gorodetsky and other. Mining families gather to show support for the coal compromise and accuse "Ende Galände" of intimidation.

"Ende Galände" (04:55)

Organizers use an encrypted app to divulge the protest destination to members. Activists divide into action groups, don red uniforms, and scratch out their fingerprints. Police arrest and beat protestors who occupy the lip of the mine.

Credits: The Coal War (00:37)

Credits: The Coal War

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While Australia ponders opening new coal fields, Germany has declared the industry must end. The country's last black coal mines were closed in 2018 and now the government has decided to phase out all brown coal mines and coal-fired power plants.

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