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Introduction: The Weight of Gold (03:18)


COVID 19 postpones the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games, and impacts the mental health of millions. This film will examine the mental health of Olympic athletes. (Credits)

Olympic Athletes (06:15)

From an early age, athletes including Michael Phelps, Jeremy Bloom, Apolo Ohno, and Sasha Cohen dream of competing at the Olympics. Athletes discuss their narrow focus and its impact on their lives.

Olympic Experience (03:01)

Athletes reflect on their first Olympic Games; most find the experience overwhelming.

Olympic Performance (06:29)

Olympians must come to terms with the end of the Olympic Games and their performance; failure is devastating. Bode Miller reflects on the media and his behavior.

Post-Olympic Depression (04:13)

Olympians recall returning home after the Olympic Games, how they felt, and asking themselves, "now what?"

After the Olympics (03:59)

"The grind" necessary to compete in the Olympic Games is not ultimately sustainable; many athletes question their identity outside of sport. Olympians discuss the continual cycle of athletes.

Olympics and Finances (05:55)

Stipends for training are minimal and most Olympians work in addition to training. Winning does not guarantee financial security. The link between success and funding increases athletic pressure. Katie Uhlaender recalls her father's cancer diagnosis.

Mental Health (09:27)

Phelps recalls his behavior after Olympic success and hitting "rock bottom." Olympians discuss their feelings and suicidal thoughts. Jeremy Bloom and Linda Peterson recall Jeret Peterson's mindset before he committed suicide.

Mental Health Stigma (04:48)

Olympians discuss why athletes do not seek help and the lack of support from the system. Gracie Gold cites "side effects" of Olympic competition.

Retirement (06:36)

Olympians reflect on transitioning to life after competition. Phelps identifies Olympic athletes who have committed suicide, including Steven Holcomb. Athletes need more support.

Mental Health Support (03:29)

Olympians discuss being a voice for change and struggling with depression. Athletes need support during and after their Olympic careers. Phelps reflects on his personal health.

Credits: The Weight of Gold (01:51)

Credits: The Weight of Gold

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The Weight of Gold

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From HBO Sports comes a poignant, much-needed documentary look at the widespread mental health issues among Olympic athletes, exposing the lack of resources in place to help them sustain life beyond their sports. Directed and executive produced by filmmaker Brett Rapkin – and narrated by the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps – The Weight of Gold features profound interviews with top Olympic athletes who open up about the crippling depression rampant among competitors – particularly after the Games are over. The Olympians, including Phelps, who speaks extensively about his personal battles with mental health, explain how debilitating the extreme pressures of competition, feelings of inadequacy, and financial burdens can be – and ultimately mourn the tragic fate that these circumstances have brought to peers who have taken their own lives. A timely and honest reflection on mental health in athletics, The Weight of Gold brings to light the life-threatening struggles of Olympic athletes, giving this often overlooked crisis the attention it deserves.

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