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Liberating Vietnam (02:42)


America divided the country. A soldier, an officer, an informant, a guerilla, a My Lai survivor, and the leader of the Long-Haired Army participated in the Vietnam war. (Credits)

Clear Objectives (03:31)

The Vietnamese wanted to liberate citizens from slavery and America. Ho Chi Minh called for young people to fight. The French burned Nguyen Thi Nhu Mai's grandparent's house and boat.

Joining the Revolution (02:45)

Yo Cao Loi's brother could not return to Saigon after his village was liberated. Pham Thi Thao lied about her age to enlist with the Long-Haired Army.

Fighting Against America (03:49)

Soldiers worried about helicopters and tanks; they attacked quickly and retreated to avoid capture. Guerillas informed the liberation force of the enemy's location. The Long-Haired Army dug holes for dynamite and transported weapons.

Agent Orange (05:06)

The chemicals spread from American planes and helicopters poisoned trees and the Vietnamese. Babies were born with birth defects and disabilities. Students from the Center for Agent Orange Victims and Unfortunate Children performed a ritual dance.

War Cost (02:36)

Many American soldiers were barely 20-years-old and did not consider the Vietnamese human. Capitalism attacked Communism.

Tet Offensive (06:33)

The revolutionaries wanted to liberate cities in Vietnam during the Lunar New Year. Civilians and volunteer youth transported rice, weapons, and the wounded. In Da Nang, Huynh Duc was hit by M-79 Shrapnel. Three comrades died after a B52 attacked Nguyen Dinh Ngat's shelter.

Prisoners of War (07:50)

Mai was captured after her boat sunk while attempting to escape north; enemy soldiers tortured and hung her during the interrogation. A warden wore hundreds of inmate's teeth around his neck. Members of the Dien Ban Second Division removed Huynh Thi Binh's nipples and clipped her ears.

My Lai Massacre (05:27)

Loi hid at his uncle's home and watched Americans slaughter civilians. Lieutenant William Calley Jr. was charged and convicted.

Victim Forgiveness (06:07)

Wardens tortured people and caused suffering, but Huynh Thi Binh forgave the army to allow a sense of harmony. The war ended and life moved on.

Life After War (04:18)

Students from The Center for Agent Orange Victims and Unfortunate Children performed for the military. Hatred for South Korea subsided after liberation. An estimated 3 million southeastern Asians died during the American War.

Credits: The American War (01:43)

Credits: The American War

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The American War

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Using rarely seen archival footage, animated illustrations and interviews, this film tells the story of the Vietnam War from the perspective of five Viet Cong veterans: a soldier, an officer, an informant, a guerilla, a My Lai survivor and the leader of the Long Hair army.

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