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Separate Evolution (05:37)


Eugenics re-brands itself after World War II and remains in modern Great Britain. Prof. Reginald Ruggles Gates was a professor at King's College London believes races are different species and a mixed marriage would cause mentally and physically defective offspring.

Forced Sterilization (03:40)

Elena Gorolova is a member of the Romany community in the Czech Republic. She recalls being sterilized after the birth of her second child; she now campaigns for justice.

Sterilization Policies (04:51)

Countries that implemented policies after World War II include Canada, the United States, and Sweden. Carlos Blacker and Margaret Sanger campaign against over-population in India; more than 55,000 people are sterilized in Madras. Eugenicists advocate that only the wealthy should procreate.

Middle Class Procreation (06:16)

The London School of Economics offers incentives for professors to have additional children. William Beveridge begins the program before creating "The Welfare State." The term "Problem Families" depicts poverty, unemployment, and crime as hereditary issues.

Medical Anomaly Diagnosis (09:49)

Steve and Vicky Carruthers receive threatening messages after informing the news media they want to start a family. Dr. Sarah Leiter describes how non-invasive screening in pregnancies could lead to further eugenic laws. Adam Pearson meets other individuals afflicted with Neurofibromatosis Type I.

Preimplantation Genetic Testing (05:23)

Michael and Emma Chiocci rely on PGT to eliminate embryos that test positive for Neurofibromatosis. In Great Britain, doctors only use the test to determine whether the baby is healthy.

Genetically Identifying Intelligence (06:32)

Scientists identify patterns in DNA that can predict educational achievement. Stuart Ritchie advocates starting a debate about what other traits parents can screen for in utero.

Changing the Genetic Code (07:55)

Gene editing can genetically enhance children using CRISPR/Cas9 protocols. People born with the Delta 32 mutation can resist HIV. Robin Lovell-Badge believes He Jiankui acted outside ethical standards. The Human Fertilization and Embryo Authority determines what is ethically acceptable in IVF.

Child Development (06:54)

Some people believe there are substantial differences between races and classes. The Intergrowth-21st Project studies the physical and neurological growth of individuals from in utero through their second birthday. Humans are one species.

Credits: Eugenics: Science's Greatest Scandal: Episode 2 (00:40)

Credits: Eugenics: Science's Greatest Scandal: Episode 2

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Eugenics: Science's Greatest Scandal: Episode 2

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Science journalist Angela Saini and disability rights activist Adam Pearson uncover the shocking story of eugenics, the controversial idea that the human race can be improved by selective breeding. It is commonly thought that eugenics disappeared after the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust, but the presenters discover how eugenic practices, such as the sterilization of the poor, continued on a global scale for many more years. The presenters meet the victims of this ideology, including a woman who was sterilized. Angela and Adam also ask if eugenic-style attitudes towards the poor and disabled continue to shape today’s society, and explore if breakthroughs in medicine, such as screening and gene editing, will combine with prejudice against the disabled to bring a form of eugenics back. They weigh the undoubted benefits of modern medicine with the possibility of their misuse in the name of human enhancement. They look into the story of the first attempts to edit the genomes of humans in China and explore the latest science on the issue of what’s more important—nature or nurture.

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