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Iran's Loss of Voice (03:23)


In 2009, Iranians experienced unprecedented levels of oppression.

Assada's Story (12:21)

Many believed that by electing someone on a reformist platform, somehow the country could begin to move forward in a positive direction.

Green- The Color of Hope (05:54)

People are wearing green to symbolize hope for change in the Iranian elections, but there is a risk of disappointment after the hype.

Silent Marches of Protest (21:47)

Nine people died in a hospital yesterday due to the protests and the brutality of the regime. The regime is using violence and intimidation to suppress the protests.

Arrested at 8:53 (04:33)

Amir Javadifar, a 24-year-old youth, is taken to Kahrizak prison and dies.

Non-believers Arrested (04:30)

The author describes being arrested and tortured by the Iranian government for protesting. He and his fellow prisoners are beaten and tortured until they confess to being mohareb (non-believers), and many of them die as a result.

The Consequences of Their Actions (23:41)

The author's cousin, a Basiji militiaman, phoned him to say that he had committed crimes and was worried about being prosecuted. He and his fellow militiamen had been ordered to attack people with knives and sticks at the riots, and he had killed three boys. He was worried about being sentenced to the gallows.

Credits (03:30)


Iran's Loss of Voice (00:00)

In 2009, Iranians suffered from unparalleled oppression. Journalists and dissidents were imprisoned and all foreign media were expelled from the country.

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The dramatic events surrounding the 2009 Iranian presidential elections are recounted here by the activists behind the historic Green Revolution.

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