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The World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi focuses on the acceleration of green energy. Solar energy employs more individuals than coal, gas, and oil combined. The stellarator at the Max-Planck Institute for Plasma Physics is more efficient than nuclear fission and does not generate waste.

Solar Energy (04:06)

Lightsource engineered a solar panel farm capable of powering 2,000 British homes in the London Reservoir. Solar is the fastest growing portion of the industry. Henry Snaith advocates using perovskites instead of silicon.

Innovation (03:16)

Solar Impulse 2 flies around the world using solar power. The United Arab Emirates is pursuing renewable energy by allocating subsidies. Hydrocarbon will remain in use.

China: Clean Energy (03:40)

The nation is the world's biggest investor in renewable energy. Envision Energy manufactures wind turbines that are programmable.

Renewable Energy Targets (06:55)

Tesla installs the world's largest lithium ion battery in Southern Australia. Sonnen creates systems that can be used for every kind of power regeneration; members share excess energy. Nate Lewis studies using photosynthesis to create energy.

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Renewables on the Rise

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The world as we know it is in transition. In just a few generations, global power supply has been completely transformed. The fuel of the future is clean, green and plentiful; renewables are well and truly on the rise. From the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, Isa Soares looks at a new age for clean energy. With renewables accounting for more than two thirds of the world's new power installations and solar energy employing more people in the United States than fossil fuels, it's fair to say that times are changing. With rapid expansion in Chinese markets causing the cost of solar and wind to plummet, and the green job market booming, the business case for disrupting traditional energy infrastructure has never been greater.

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