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"One Day at a Time" (06:39)


The sitcom remake follows a Cuban American family and highlights current social issues. Norman Lear pushes the television envelope. Experts discuss the entertainment industry responding to Donald Trump.

Response to Presidential Elections (06:35)

"AHS Cult," "Blackish," and "The Good Fight" depict reactions to Donald Trump as president. Last minute script changes become the norm for many shows. ABC revives "Roseanne," personifying different political perspectives.

"Roseanne" (05:18)

The reboot outperforms network expectations; Trump gives the show a shout-out. During season two pre-productions, Roseanne Barr makes a racist tweet and ABC cancels the show.

"Blackish" (07:14)

The comedy highlights what it means to be black in America. Experts discuss political and social themes in scripted television, including "All in the Family."

"Homeland" (06:52)

Season seven is based entirely on Trump winning the presidency. Experts discuss highlighting politics in scripted drama and their impact during the Trump Administration. Writers for "The Handmaid's Tale" are news conscious.

"Will and Grace" (07:05)

The 2016 presidential election inspires the comedy reboot. "Broad City" highlights anxiety about Trump. Several shows, including "Blackish" and "The Good Fight" target Trump.

Credits: The Trump Show: TV's New Reality (00:07)

Credits: The Trump Show: TV's New Reality

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Donald Trump is taking over TV. Not just the daily news cycle, but prime time, scripted television. CNN examines the impact of Trump on TV, and the blurred lines between entertainment and reality.

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