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Hate in America (07:42)


The "Unite the Right" rally is the largest group of white supremacists in over a decade. James Alex Fields drives his car into a group of activists protesting against white nationalists. Hate crimes have increased by 11% since 2014.

Emanuel AME Church Massacre (06:52)

Past preachers include Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Booker T. Washington. After George Zimmerman shoots Trayvon Martin, Dylan Roof joins Humans learn how to become racist.

Alt-Right in Mainstream Culture (09:01)

Governor Nikki Hailey removes the Confederate flag from statehouse grounds and members at websites such as become angry. During the 2016presidential campaign, millions of anti-Semitic tweets occur. Donald Trump employs fear tactics to gain voter support.

Fake News (06:38)

Trump becomes the 45th U.S. president. Social media struggles with protecting free speech while trying to eradicate misinformation. Edgar Maddison Welch walks into James Alefantis' restaurant with an assault rifle after watching YouTube videos created by Alex Jones.

Hate Incidents (05:40)

At the National Policy Institute conference, Richard Spencer chants "Hail, Trump"; supporters give the Nazi salute. Spencer's mother accuses Tanya Gersh of mistreatment. "The Daily Stormer" Founder Andrew Angline encourages death threats.

Internet Activists Fight Back (05:30)

President Trump responds to the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville and insists he is not racist. The Anti-Defamation League helps social media companies regulate platforms to eradicate hate speech. Spencer cancels his college tour and Go Daddy removes

Credits: Spreading Hate: The Dark Side of the Internet (00:08)

Credits: Spreading Hate: The Dark Side of the Internet

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An in depth look at hate in the 21st century. America’s recent rise in hate crimes sparked this in-depth look at all the possible reasons why.

Length: 42 minutes

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