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Dubai Cuisine (05:20)


The Taste of Dubai is a highlight for foodies. Dubai's culinary scene reflects a history of trade and cultural diversity. Vineet Bhatia, the "Godfather of Indian Cuisine," discusses spices and samples freshly baked bread.

Joshi Confectionery & Sweet (04:09)

Indian migrants are the UAE's largest population of ex-pats. Bhatia visits Dubai's oldest family-owned restaurant that serves confections and Indian cuisine. He samples various products and reflects on the flavors of India.

Folly by Nick & Scott (07:06)

British chefs Scott Price and Nick Alvis discuss honing their skills with Gordon Ramsey and developing their food style. They look for more sustainable food sources and visit the first oyster farm in Fujairah; Ramie Murray describes his business.

Mattar Farm (03:10)

Hattem Mattar begins the farm to keep his children engaged with the outdoors. The pitmaster specializes in Texas-style barbecue with a spice blend that honors his Middle Eastern heritage.

Culinary Diversity (02:35)

Chefs featured in the show arrive at Folly by Nick & Scott with specialty dishes. Items include a desert board, raw oysters, chicken biryani, vegetable samosas, and brisket.

Credits: Feast on Dubai (00:14)

Credits: Feast on Dubai

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The culinary landscape of Dubai is one where cultures and cuisines from all corners of the globe have converged for decades, creating a food scene as diverse as the city itself.

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