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Environmental Protection (03:53)


Pollution is prominent and the late 1960s ushers in an era of change. In 1970, President Nixon signs an order creating the Environmental Protection Agency. A rollback of regulations has occurred during the Trump Administration.

EPA Deregulation (05:47)

Thirty-three major de-regulatory actions have occurred during the Trump Administration. Drew Wynne dies from methylene chloride inhalation. The EPA proposes banning the chemical at the end of the Obama Administration; the Trump Administration delays action.

Children's Health Protection (08:07)

Protestors fight deregulation. Chronic diseases are on the rise. The EPA is responsible for gauging the risk of over 80,000 chemicals. Dr. Ruth Etzel discusses differences after Trump took office, her suspension, and the lack of regulations.

Senate Hearings (05:40)

The Wynne family fights to ban methylene chloride and hold the EPA accountable. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt testifies. He announces plans to finalize rules but resigns amid scandal. The Wynne family shames retailers into removing methylene chloride from their shelves.

Environmental Agenda (07:51)

Trump promises a return of "clean coal." Sanjay Gupta cites smokestack chemicals and George Thurston discusses EPA impact. Andrew Wheeler becomes EPA Administrator. Trump repeals the Clean Power Plan, replacing it with the Affordable Clean Air Energy rule; 22 states file a lawsuit.

Air Quality (05:13)

The U.S. ranks 10th in the world. The EPA sets the standard for good and bad air; it disbands the clean air science advisory committee. Former EPA administrators ask Congress to improve EPA oversight.

Pre-Birth Exposure (04:52)

Tests reveal Manisha and her baby have elevated levels of perfluorinated chemicals. In 2019, the EPA bans the sale of products with methylene chloride. Under the Trump Administration, the EPA has cut 40 regulations and plans to implement 49 rollbacks.

Credits: A Toxic Tale: Trump's Environmental Impact (00:10)

Credits: A Toxic Tale: Trump's Environmental Impact

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CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta goes on a nationwide investigation to look at the real-life impact of dozens of deregulations at the EPA. What does it mean for the health of American families?

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