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China's Science Revolution: Episode 2

Part of the Series : China's Science Revolution
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Technology usually advances in small steps, but there are spheres of science and engineering which are on the brink of making giant leaps that could change the world in dramatic ways. This is the story of three Chinese scientists and engineers who are leading such fields. Quantum physics has given rise to a new branch of science called quantum information, which many countries, including China, are now racing to develop. Like many western countries China has also been building advanced voice recognition systems, and coupled with the algorithms of artificial intelligence, they are already putting these to use to revolutionise everything from teaching to medical diagnostics. Industrial robotics is China's other great innovation of the past few decades, accelerating their adoption in factories around the world; in a movement that will change the way we all work in coming years.

Length: 24 minutes

Item#: FMK207287

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