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Introduction: 2 Degrees: Threats to the Paris Agreement (02:31)


Every country experiences the effects of climate change. This video will examine COP21 and the future of the Paris Climate Accord. (Credits)

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (05:35)

The United Nations establishes the IPCC in 1988. Scientists analyze Arctic ice cores and project a global temperature increase of three degrees by 2050. World leaders meet at annual COP forums; they establish the Kyoto Protocol.

COP15 (04:07)

Leaders accuse China of destroying the talks. Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy pledge funding. Scientists believe China only reminded leaders of the Kyoto Protocol.

COP21 (06:11)

President Fabius assembles a team and convinces presidents Jinping and Obama to attend the summit. Over 150 heads of state attend the conference; it begins with politician speeches. Negotiators have two weeks to reach an agreement.

Paris COP Text (04:52)

Manuel Pulgar-Vidal is a link between the presidency and NGOs; Greenpeace does not wait for summit solutions. Fabius hopes to eliminate the 1,600 points of contention in the draft; COP21 has three key goals. China is the largest polluter.

Climate Crisis: A Social Problem (07:07)

Combating global warming requires changing factors of everyday life; economics and environmentalism collide. Five hundred multinationals largely control the world. Developing countries need to continue economic growth.

Paris Agreement (09:43)

Protestors demonstrate outside COP21. Experts work toward a comprehensive text and present it to the delegates. Fabius recalls issues with the Nicaragua, Turkey, Africa, and U.S. delegates; negotiations result in acceptance.

Paris Agreement Application (06:33)

Multinationals must implement solutions. The Grand Palais COP21 Exhibition reveals shortfalls; demonstrators protest fossil fuel use. President Donald Trump announces U.S. withdrawal from the climate accord.

Future of the Paris Agreement (07:04)

Experts discuss public pressure, implementing changes, de-carbonizing the global economy, green energy solutions, and hope for the future. China has a carbon price.

Credits: 2 Degrees: Threats to the Paris Agreement (00:44)

Credits: 2 Degrees: Threats to the Paris Agreement

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2 Degrees: Threats to the Paris Agreement

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This program addresses current issues relating to the climate. It looks behind the scenes with the special eyewitnesses we were able to meet, first and foremost Laurent Fabius, the man behind the Agreement. Throughout, the program seeks to recreate the tensions, constant suspense, complications and dramatic twists of the intricate, unfamiliar and yet essential negotiations, all set against the background of a climate emergency where more bad news is announced every day. Our intention is to reveal what went on away from the public eye during the climate war for the Paris Agreement, with its various characters and ticking clock. 

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