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The Government Shutdown: 1995 (09:17)


Partisan politics originates in the early 1990s. President Bill Clinton struggles with Congress and Newt Gingrich gives special order speeches. Republicans regain control of the House and budget talks fail; Monica Lewinski has access to Clinton.

Monika Lewinsky Scandal: 1998 (05:01)

Paula Jones accuses Clinton of sexual harassment and files a lawsuit. Linda Tripp tells Michael Isikoff, Jones' lawyers, and Ken Starr that Lewinski and Clinton are having an affair; the FBI institutes an undercover sting.

End of Traditional Media Dominance (05:05)

"Newsweek" debates running the story on Clinton and Lewinski. The "Drudge Report" changes political news coverage; it leaks news of the affair and the story goes viral. The House Judiciary Committee considers articles of impeachment.

Murder of Matthew Shepard: 1998 (10:10)

The internet allows people in the gay community to connect. Over 1,000 hate crimes are reported. Judy Shepard recalls her son coming out. The attack on Matthew makes national news; thousands attend candle light vigils.

Napster: 1999 (05:20)

Shawn Fanning wants to provide people with a way to share music. Joseph Menn describes Fanning's background. Fanning and Sean Parker go to Silicon Valley and meet Ali Aydar.

First Social Network (06:17)

Napster allows users free access to music. The software program clogs college computer networks. Experts discuss the music industry's response; Metallica arrives at Napster headquarters.

Copyright Infringement Lawsuit (07:30)

Napster is responsible for the world's largest transfer of intellectual property. In July 2000, Congress holds hearings and a judge orders Napster to cease and desist. Napster inspires entrepreneurs.

The 2000 Election: Divided Nation (07:51)

Al Gore and George W. Bush run for president; the media focuses on political polarization. Newscasters call states, sometimes prematurely. Elli Attie recalls election night.

Florida Recount: 2000 (09:29)

The 2000 presidential election results are too close to call. William Daley calls for a manual recount in major democratic counties, resulting in a media disaster. The U.S. Supreme Court reverses the Florida Supreme Court's recount order and Bush wins the presidency.

The Rise of Al Qaeda: 1990-2001 (10:43)

Terrorists bomb the World Trade Center in 1993. The CIA learns about Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. In 1998, Al-Qaeda attacks American embassies. Terrorists attack the U.S.S. Cole in 2000, but the Bush Administration does not see Al-Qaeda as the top national security threat.

September 11, 2001 (05:49)

Several people recall the attack on the World Trade Center and Flight 93; the terrorist attack brings Americans together. Experts reflect on challenges and progress. (Credits)

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Beginning with the rise of partisan politics and the unexpected origins of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, the origins of today's world are explored by investigating the rise of gay rights.

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