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Cold War Era (02:39)


Julian Castro, Dana Perino, Jonah Peretti, Melissa Harris-Perry, Toure, Sen. Chris Coons, and Sen. Marco Rubio came of age in the 1990s. The Berlin Wall divides the city and separates families; protestors demand democracy.

Accidental End of the Cold War: 1989 (12:22)

East German citizens disagree with the government; televised footage of Tiananmen Square is an intimidation tactic. Smuggled footage of Leipzig protests makes world news. At a press conference, Gunter Schabowksi announces the ability to cross East German borders.

Fall of the Berlin Wall (07:33)

Aram Radmoski and Siggi Schefke go to the Bornholmer Border Crossing and are eventually allowed to pass. The crowd increases and Harald Jäger gives the order to open the gate; citizens celebrate.

The Gulf War: 1991 (02:12)

Iraqi troops enter Kuwait and CNN introduces the 24-hour news cycle. The U.S. cooperates with the Soviet Union.

CNN News Coverage: Gulf War (09:04)

Ted Turner recognizes that new technologies make 24-hour news cost-effective. Reporters, including Peter Arnett and Bernard Shaw, cover events in Baghdad from the Al Rasheed Hotel.

The Rodney King Tape: 1991 (04:52)

George Holliday's footage of police officers beating King becomes the first viral video. He recalls filming the incident and speaking with KTLA staff.

Police Brutality Trial (08:48)

Holliday receives several phone calls after the airing of the King tape. Experts discuss race relations in Los Angeles. Four police officers go on trial; the jury finds the defendants not guilty.

L.A. Riots (06:04)

The verdict in the King trial incites protests that escalate into rioting. Holliday's video marks an inflection point that has repercussions throughout society and politics; Bill Clinton runs for president.

Bill Clinton Wins: 1992 (13:14)

Clinton becomes the first pop culture president. He appears on several programs and overcomes a series of scandals during his presidential campaign. His election represents generational change.

Netscape Navigator: 1994 (04:48)

The internet impacts every aspect of human interaction. Marc Andreesen, Jon Mittelhauser, and others create the web browser Mosaic. They partner with Jim Clark to create Netscape.

Web Browser (04:40)

Rosanne Siino and 17 guys work long hours to create the beta version of Netscape. Upon release, it becomes widely popular.

Internet Challengers (06:48)

Netscape operates a booth at a Microsoft conference where the company introduces Windows 95. Netscape goes public and stocks open high. Other companies quickly join the scene and Netscape does not survive the 1990s. See a preview of the next episode. (Credits)

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