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Egg Evolution and Caged System (04:28)


Eggs were first laid millions of years ago by sea creatures. There are over 200 breeds of chicken, but most egg producers use the white leghorn. At Rose Acre Farms, 18-week-old hens enter egg production houses that are home to 250,000 chickens each.

Egg Anatomy and Caged System Production (03:31)

Eggs form in oviducts. At Rose Acre Farms, eggs travel to grading facilities for washing, sizing, quality control, and packing. Caged systems present environmental problems, requiring ammonia emissions monitoring. At Iowa State University, researchers feed hens in observation chambers to determine impacts on health and production.

Cage Free Egg Producers (02:52)

Rose Acres established cage free facilities as alternatives to caged systems increased in popularity. At Petaluma Farms, experts provide nest boxes for egg laying and mix manure with rice hulls. Workers grade the eggs and prep them for market, similar to larger producers.

Pasture Raised Eggs (03:53)

The most expensive eggs come from low tech systems. At Eat Well Farm, chickens graze in fields. Farmer Nigel Walker feeds the chickens organic grains and provides mobile coops. His product is in high demand despite their cost.

Egg Markets (08:52)

There are many choices for egg consumers; differences in taste and nutritional value come from diet. Eggs are available in shelled, liquid, and powdered forms; they are an excellent source of protein.

Egg Purveyors (05:57)

Aiman Faour consumes 40 Eggology egg whites daily. The company runs multiple quality checks, knowing products may be consumed raw. At Hamburg Inn No 2, Polly Crist demonstrates cooking eggs in various ways.

Ostrich Eggs (05:14)

Ostrich eggs are 24 times larger than chicken eggs. At the OK Corral Ostrich Ranch, Doug Osborne raises the birds for meat and eggs. They communally nest, laying two eggs a week; fertile eggs are incubated while infertile ones are prepped for eating or artwork.

Preparing Exotic Eggs (03:33)

At Philippe’s Restaurant, staff soak eggs in vinegar and beet juice for three days. Typhoon prepares the Asian delicacy, thousand-year eggs. At Hump Sushi Bar, Chef Kiyoshiro Yamamoto prepares poached quail eggs.

Egg Art (04:44)

Eggs have inspired artists for a long time. Russian Faberge eggs are made of gold, marble, and jewels. Gary LeMaster sculpts eggshells using dental tools; he creates various designs and uses multicolored layers of Emu eggs.

Credits: Eggs (00:23)

Credits: Eggs

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