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Vincent Van Gogh (03:50)


Van Gogh's style and use of color is universal and created his continued popularity. He painted portraits of how he saw the subject without judgment or commentary.

Van Gogh's Early Life (04:51)

Van Gogh was born into a well-off but stern family. He worked a series of job while battling with depression. He decided to become an artist and wanted to be like Rembrandt.

Van Gogh the Painter (07:58)

At 28, Van Gogh moved to Paris, befriended other painters, and built on his minimal artistic training. He was mostly self-taught and relied on his own ideas and confidence. His work sold slowly but he was certain it would find an audience.

Van Gogh in St. Remy (05:18)

After his depression worsened, Van Gogh spent time in a hospital for people with nervous diseases. He began painting the countryside and capturing nature in his work.

Van Gogh's Personal Life (07:11)

Though his self-portraits show confidence, Van Gogh had few close relationships. He felt guilty about the support he received from his brother, an art dealer. His letters show a clarity of mind while he managed his depression.

Credits: "Van Gogh - An Artist and His Art" (00:25)

Credits: "Van Gogh - An Artist and His Art"

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Van Gogh - An Artist and His Art

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This film explores the remarkable images and life of the Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh. While the depression from which he suffered is touched on, what the filmmaker is concerned with are the charming paintings he produced and the way in which he handled his rather solitary but immensely productive life.

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