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Introduction: Bali (02:13)


Ancient civilizations meet the modern world in Bali; rice terraces dominate the landscape. This film examines how culture influences architectural design around the world. Bali is a tourist destination.

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan (02:14)

Villas with private sundecks, outdoor sitting rooms, and pools line the riverbanks. Builders use local materials to provide quality details.

Balinese Compounds (03:39)

Principal features include clear zones, entering the house from the south, locating the kitchen next to the front door, a shrine, and pavilions. A priest provides physical and structural guidance.

Design Tradition (04:23)

Artistic impression is part of Balinese life. People make daily flower offerings to appease the gods and keep away bad spirits. The royal family of Ubud hosts artists and guests at the Pita Maha Resort and Spa; learn the three principles of life.

Balinese Style (03:53)

A new culture emerges, incorporating aspects of indigenous civilizations with foreign influences. The traditional Bali compound has evolved to include contemporary vision. The Bale has been voted Conde Nast's best new hotel in the world.

Artistic Traditions (04:53)

Gianni Francione designs houses that incorporate modern and traditional aspects. Thousands gather to watch the Ogoh-Ogoh parade. The Nero Bar and Restaurant references traditional methods in a contemporary interior.

Tradition and Modern Architecture (02:56)

Popo Danes finds a balance by changing orientation and considering the view. Bali accommodates a mixture of Eastern and Western cultures. Designers should understand traditional aspects before turning toward modernity.

Credits: Bali (00:41)

Credits: Bali

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Charlie uncovers the principles behind distinctive Balinese design and architecture, learning that there’s a spiritual context for everything created or built Bali. We learn how in recent times, Bali has become a Mecca for architects from around the and how it epitomized fusion of eastern and western design principles, blending indoor and outdoor living seamlessly. It has become the benchmark for perfect tropical living.

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