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Anjelica Huston (04:35)


Anjelica discusses her relationship with her father, director John Huston, and the challenges of appearing in his films. Winning an Academy award for acting in "Prizzi's Honor" gained his respect.

Mia Farrow (03:37)

Mia's parents were director John Farrow and actress Maureen O'Sullivan. At age 14, she had a small role in her father's film "John Paul Jones." He discouraged her from acting, concerned that it would make her depressed.

Isabella Rossellini (04:21)

Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini's affair caused a scandal in 1949. Isabella describes an unusual childhood after they divorced; she and her siblings lived in a home that her parents took turns visiting. They taught her to be an artist.

Losing a Mother (02:35)

Enrica Soma died in a car accident when Anjelica was 17. She describes her relationship with her grandfather, New York restaurateur Tony Soma.

Italian Immigration Story (05:52)

Anjelica believed her grandfather Tony had married an upper class woman. Records show her grandmother had traveled to Massachusetts to work in a cotton factory before immigrating with Tony. Anjelica found rural poverty persisted in their village of Ispra.

Paternal Side Family Mystery (04:01)

Mia's father died without divulging information about his Australian parents. Records show her grandfather institutionalized her grandmother for "lactation," or post-partum depression, when John was an infant. Mia feels angry on her grandmother’s behalf.

Discovering English Ancestry (02:05)

Mia's great-great-grandparents George and Susannah Savage arrived in Australia as farm laborers in 1848. Susannah's maiden name was Makepeace, which resonates with Mia.

Discovering Swedish Ancestry (08:32)

Bergman's parents died when she was young; her father had supported her creative side. Isabella learns about her mother's family line that lived in Jönköping, Sweden from the 17th century.

John Huston's Family Tree (06:17)

Anjelica's paternal fifth great-grandfather Andrew Smith was a plantation owner. Many white men fathered children with slaves; few acknowledged them. Smith stipulated in his will that his enslaved children be freed when turning thirty and the family carried out his wishes.

Joseph Farrow's Tragedy (04:57)

Mia's grandfather raised his son as a single parent after committing his wife to a mental institution. He joined the Australian army and survived the Gallipoli Campaign, but contracted malaria and died of complications. His family line originated in England.

Hollywood Genetic Connections (02:58)

An admixture test reveals Mia and Isabella have 99% European DNA. Anjelica is 2.7% Ashkenazi Jewish, and related to Larry David and Bernie Sanders. Isabella is related to Scarlett Johansson.

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Henry Louis Gates, Jr. helps actors Isabella Rossellini, Anjelica Huston and Mia Farrow unearth surprising new revelations about their family histories, taking them generations beyond their famous cinematic forebears.

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