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Nenet Survival (08:27)


The Siberian wilderness covers a twelfth of Earth's land; natives occupy Yamal peninsula, herding reindeer. Recently, climate change has created sporadic weather conditions, complicating migrations to summer lichen grazing grounds; a herder loses over 1,000 individuals during a trek.

Native Australian Tradition (08:51)

Monsoons feed Arnhem Land's coastline wilderness; it is home to salt water crocodiles. Aboriginals have hunted them for thousands of years; a native ranger collects 2,500 eggs during laying season.

Vanuatu Islands: Changing Seas (10:18)

Futuna inhabitants survive off the ocean. Recently, fish populations have declined due to commercial overfishing, forcing natives to go further for catches. A father teaches his son how to free dive for lobster in deep waters.

Meeting Bush Demands (09:13)

The Central African jungle contains a quarter of Earth's rainforest. The Mbendjele have occupied Congo region for 3,000 years, using nets to catch food. A top hunter leads villagers into the forest to set the trap. Commercial hunting has decreased animal populations.

Competing for Space (09:44)

Within India's Assam tea plantations, drastically increasing human populations encroach on ancient Asian elephant migration routes. Emergency Services use domesticated elephants to drive out wild herds; villagers cannot use force to defend their homes against the endangered species.

Behind the Wonder (05:24)

The film crew describes challenges of the Congo rainforest shoot. While transporting the team and gear down river to a Mbendjele village, the second boat goes missing. The location director and safety advisor find it with all the gear and occupants safe.

Credits: Surviving with Animals (00:29)

Credits: Surviving with Animals

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Surviving with Animals

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In many of the world’s most extraordinary natural wonders, wildlife holds the key to survival for the people who live there. But even there, animals can be foes, as well as friends.

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