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Introduction: Astronauts: Toughest Job in the Universe: Episode Two (02:38)


Over six weeks, individuals endure physical, intellectual, and psychological tests to determine the best candidate for an astronaut. Former commander Chris Hadfield, Dr. Kevin Fong, and psychologist Iya Whiteley assess their performances and can dismiss contestants at any time.

Splashdown Test: Following Procedures (04:48)

Remaining astronaut candidates must escape from an underwater capsule in two simulated emergency landings. They are put in pairs and given exit instructions before vessels are immersed. Royal Air Force pilot Kerry proves capable of dealing with high pressure situations.

Splashdown Test: Overcoming Fears (09:15)

Particle physicist Jackie describes almost drowning as a child; dentist and mountaineer Hannah recalls being trapped in an avalanche. Both struggle with severe anxiety before and during the simulated emergency water landings.

Splashdown Test: Deliberation and Dismissal (05:11)

Hadfield, Fong, and Whiteley discuss candidate performances of escaping from an underwater capsule. Hannah is dismissed from the astronaut selection process.

Orientation Test (03:18)

Hadfield describes gravity loss during space flight to candidates. He gives them goggles that turn their vision upside down, evaluating their ability to adapt to the sensation while completing basic tasks.

Rover Test: High Tech Aptitude (10:53)

Astronaut candidates must remotely drive a mobile robot into a cave, locate marked stones with ultraviolet lights, and exit within 20 minutes. The rover's solar-charged batteries necessitate the return to a sunny location while its slow speeds and maneuverability require mathematical strategy.

Rover Test: Polarized Performances (08:38)

Molecular biologist James A credits experiences playing first person shooter games for his successful examination results. James H fails to locate any marked stones, or to exit the rover before its solar battery dies; he is dismissed from the astronaut selection process.

Social Evaluation (05:57)

The eight remaining astronaut candidates attend a cocktail reception with loved ones. Hadfield asks them to introduce their guests while he and the other judges assess their abilities to represent a space agency.

Credits: Astronauts: Toughest Job in the Universe: Episode Two (00:33)

Credits: Astronauts: Toughest Job in the Universe: Episode Two

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Astronauts - Toughest Job in the Universe: Episode 2

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The remaining astronaut candidates are put through more demanding tests by astronaut Chris Hadfield and his expert panel. Some are pushed to their limits in a simulated emergency splashdown, where they have to escape from an underwater capsule. At the UK's biggest space-tech firm, they must successfully operate a ground-breaking robot, the Mars Rover. A social event gives Chris and the panel a further chance to scrutinise their character. Not all candidates make it through this phase of selection.

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