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Educational System (07:59)


Christopher Mack visits Baracoa, Cuba. Children make their way to school on muddy roads. The colors of their uniforms indicate the stages of their schooling. A teacher discusses civic education.

Historic Region (05:06)

Until the 1960s, Baracoa was isolated from the rest of the island by mountains; the Taino people welcomed Christopher Columbus in 1492. "Rotulistas" have painted political murals that adorn town walls; other frescoes include those more artistic nature.

Cockfighting (02:44)

A local man discusses the Cuban tradition. It takes two months of training before a bird is ready for combat. The roosters wear protection while training to prevent injuries.

Cuban Agriculture (08:03)

La Farola was built in the 1960s, in the wake of the Cuban Revolution. A farmer discusses growing cacao in an area once known for bananas and coffee; 90% of Cuba’s cacao is grown in this region.

Nightlife and Pugilists (07:06)

Night falls quickly; soft light and music transform the streets into an intimate, open-air space. Children learn how to fight in the Cuban style. The country’s boxers typically fare well in international competition.

Land Ownership (05:27)

A man recalls dropping out of school to help his parents tend their plot of land. The government gave it to his father following the Cuban Revolution. The man feels it is important to continue his family's tradition.

Attending Cock Fights (03:59)

Spectators place bets as roosters are prepared to enter the ring. The birds are armed with spurs made of resin and tested for poison. The government has legalized this pastime and even served to regulate it.

Musical Heritage (08:13)

A pair of ancient dances thought to be forgotten have been rediscovered in the mountain villages surrounding Baracoa. The rhythms of the accompanying music are thought to be the foundations of modern Cuban music.

Credits: Cuba: The People at the End of the Isle (02:47)

Credits: Cuba: The People at the End of the Isle

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Cuba: The People at the End of the Isle

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Far from the clichés of Havana, this program visits the small coastal town of Baracoa, located on the far eastern end of Cuba. This is where Christopher Columbus landed in 1492, and it is the oldest Spanish settlement on the island. Cut off from the rest of the island by an imposing mountainous outcrop, this town has preserved the founding traditions of Cuban culture.

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