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Maramures (02:53)


The region in northern Romania is a green belt nestled between the Carpathian Mountains and Transylvania. Christopher Mack hopes to touch a lost era.

Romanian Shepherd (07:24)

A farmer tends to sheep and goats. He describes daily chores and some of the problems he faces. Mack asks him about the mythical Lady of the Forest.

Natural Washing Machines (02:13)

Streams irrigate the region, flow ing into tributaries of the Danube River. Their waters also run whirlpools, allowing Romanians to congregate and clean their rugs.

Haymaking (06:42)

A family prepares their scythes to cut hay. A man discusses elements of the process essential for keeping livestock. Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu cultivates the image of the ideal peasant.

Workhorses and Mining (04:19)

Farmers rely on horses for plowing, transportation, digging, and other tasks. Copper, lead, zinc, and gold mines support generations of miners.

Regional Homes (06:15)

Peasants live in single-story houses made of wood. Their reception rooms reflect the family's social status. Towards the end of the day, women congregate at one of their homes to sing, knit, and socialize.

Historic House of Worship (06:13)

A priest describes the emotional charge he gets every time he enters his 250-year-old church. The paintings that adorn its walls are in the post-Byzantine style. Villagers dress in their Sunday best for mass.

Processing Wool (07:25)

Two women carry bundles of wool to the local miller, who discusses his background. His wife describes how the mill's machinery works. It is also used for grinding corn and sifting polenta flour.

Memorializing the Dead (10:12)

A man leads his horse into the wood and his companion helps him haul logs. The man discusses his training as a cross maker and how he approaches orders from his customers.

Credits: Romania: The Season of Long Grass (00:51)

Credits: Romania: The Season of Long Grass

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Romania: The Season of Long Grass

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In the north of Romania lies the Maramure region. It is remote and rural, known for its pastoral and agricultural traditions, and largely unscathed by the industrialization seen in the rest of the country. In this program, we learn about the shepherds, washerwomen, farmers, millers, and loggers who perpetuate their rural traditions with fervor.

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