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Gulf of Oman (03:31)


A sea turtle leaves the beach where she was born. She will return in three to four years to continue the cycle of life.

Desert Towns (04:28)

Christopher Mack encounters abandoned and small villages before reaching the bustling cities Sinaw and Ibri. Ibri has a women only market and a fish market. Christopher Mack decides to keep heading for the coast.

Bedouin Lifestyle (04:01)

Bedouins have been living in Oman Desert region for many generations, making a living by harvesting goat's milk and dates. Children learn to ride camels when they are as young as five.

Fishing Lifestyle (02:19)

An elderly fisherman recalls fishing as a child and describes how it has changed over the decadess.

Sur, Oman (02:12)

The ancient port city has strong ties to India. Horses, incense, spices, and other commodities have made this city a hub of trade for over 2,000 years. Locals continue to build dhows in the traditional manner.

Local Focus in Sur (09:45)

Students take final exams at a local school. Oil money and the word of the sultan make education a high priority. A recent restoration program makes old fortifications look new. Local artisans create khanjars; a workshop owner discusses regional variations.

Sur Activitiess (05:27)

Men and women have separate spaces in Oman. Seamstresses discuss and the art of four-handed embroidery. A woman receives henna tattoos as she prepares for a wedding.

Dhow Builders (07:14)

Local kids play on the beach. A whistle signals the call to prayer. A shipbuilder discusses taking over his family business and the decline of local shipyards. He imports wood from Myanmar, South Africa, and Malaysia.

Worship Service (04:15)

Muhammed wanted to unify the Arab world and introduced Islam to Oman in 629 CE. A practitioner discusses the importance of the Quran and the brevity of human life.

Deep Sea Fishing (08:02)

A crew sets sail for a fishing trip. The captain pauses to pray to mecca and sings sea shanties as his men cast and reel in nets. The day's catch is not good.

Credits: Oman: Sand and Foam (00:50)

Credits: Oman: Sand and Foam

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Oman: Sand and Foam

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We travel to the Sultanate of Oman, a country built on a culture of the sea; famous for its legendary navigators, traditional fishing techniques, and dhows. The culture is still very tribal, and focuses on the tribe, the Ibadi faith, and maritime trade. The first two identities are closely tied with tradition, while the maritime identity is unique to the coastal regions.

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