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Purhépecha People (02:38)


The Purhépecha were the main ethnic group of the Tarascan Empire in the Michoacán region of Mexico; they were massacred in 1530. Bishop Don Vasco de Quiroga respected, taught, and served the local people with a utopian vision of social justice, leaving a lasting legacy.

Farming in Michoacán, Mexico (02:50)

The sovereign state is the birthplace of Day of the Dead celebrations. A peasant discusses the hard work of farming.

Traditional Masked Dance (05:05)

A small village shows signs of the upcoming Day of the Dead celebration. Performers with wooden masks enter for the Dance of the Little Old Men. A teacher talks about the importance of passing on language and traditions.

Image of Death (07:08)

Pátzcuaro has a long colonial history; the mixing of races reinforces indigenous roots. Explore Day of the Dead decorations and local attitudes about death. A craftsman and his family form clay into molds for traditional las catrinas.

Civic Pledge (04:04)

At a state school, children perform the pledge with singing and instruments. A Pátzcuaro teacher speaks to her elementary class about UNESCO's recognition of the Day of the Dead.

Fishing Lake Pátzcuaro (06:06)

A fisherman pulls in his nets using techniques first introduced by Bishop Don Vasco de Quiroga. He discusses various styles of fishing and the loss of the region's white fish through overfishing.

Cemetery Preparations (03:06)

Locals decorate the altars and tombs of their loved ones with orange flowers, despite the rain. A musician plays a traditional song on the guitar.

Day of the Dead Mask (04:00)

An artisan carves a wooden mask with traditional tools featuring macabre figures. He tells a parable about death.

Day of the Dead Symbolism (09:46)

On Janitzio Island, families cook for their guests and prepare for the holiday. A man talks about the symbolic and cultural meaning of various rituals.

Day of the Dead Night Celebrations (06:01)

People gather for the festivities including dancing, visiting candlelit tombs, and spending time together. Every community has a different way of celebrating, but death ties them together.

Credits: Mexico: Rendezvous with the Dead (00:01)

Credits: Mexico: Rendezvous with the Dead

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Mexico: Rendezvous with the Dead

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In this program, we head to Michoacán, one of the most picturesque regions of Mexico, where we immerse ourselves in the festivities of Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead). Agricultural activities, rituals, displays of skills, culinary traditions all teach us about the ancient customs attached to this important ritual.

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