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Sahara Desert (08:05)


Hundreds of Berbers gather near the Timimoun oasis for a ritual. They invite the show’s narrator to have tea at a nearby zawiya where they explain this celebration.

Ahalil and Marabouts (03:09)

Christopher Mack joins his hosts by the campfire for traditional songs that originate from the Gourara region. The origin of the music begins with wise men singing and reciting poems about the Berber culture.

Red Oasis (05:27)

Timimoun is a desert town of about 23,000 people; it has long been a stopping point for traders. A local merchant discusses the produce he grows and sells at the market. in Ksar, the streets are narrow and the buildings are made of red clay.

Desert Garden (04:01)

Mack visits the the oasis where the merchant grows produce. Growing fruits and vegetables in the desert is hard work, and he wants a different lifestyle for his children.

System of Foggaras (12:06)

Children attend class in Timimoun. They learn how their ancestors created a system for finding and collecting fresh water. Underground, man-made streams connect a series of wells.

Bedouin Lifestyle (05:15)

Muslims pray at a local mosque. Desert nomads discuss daily activities that include a morning prayer and milking and herding their camels; wells are essential.

Water Management (09:38)

Gardeners rely on the foggaras to fill their ponds. The merchant discusses issues related to water pressure and measuring and distributing water. At age 50, he is now eligible to join the water commission.

Credits: Algeria: Veins of the Desert (00:51)

Credits: Algeria: Veins of the Desert

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Algeria: Veins of the Desert

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In the red desert of Algeria, there is a rural oasis town called Timimoun, which is home to the Berbers. This program reveals various aspects of their culture and traditions—from song to prayer to food—and the ways in which the marabout (leader or teacher) would transmit the cultural heritage to the community orally.

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