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Middle East Turmoil (05:20)


A news montage depicts the Arab Spring uprisings and Syrian Civil War. Filmmakers Zach Ingrasci and Chris Temple ponder the bloodshed in Syria and the largest refugee crisis since World War II. They arrange to visit a refugee camp in Jordan.

Za'atari Refugee Camp (03:26)

Jordan takes in an estimated 1.4 million Syrians in four years. The refugee camp provides shelter for 85,000 refugees. Ingrasci, Temple, and their translator, Ibraheem arrive in January 2014.

Camp Conflict (03:52)

A refugee who does not want Ingrasci and Temple to set up camp near a cooking area that women frequent confronts the men. The situation quickly deescalates and neighbors help the filmmakers erect their tent.

Camp Safety (04:13)

Za'atari Refugee Camp is divided into 12 districts. The United Nations works with more than 33 non-profit organizations to run the camp. The filmmakers spend the nights in town because of safety concerns.

Escape from Syria (06:07)

Ingrasci and Temple befriend refugees,including Ismail, a student who fled Damascus. Many families must spend all their money on guides to smuggle them safely through the war zone.

Camp Discussion (03:06)

Ingrasci and Temple line up for rations before learning they are the subject of gossip. Ghassem and Najwa describe the circumstances under which their family arrived at Za'atari Refugee Camp.

Camp Commerce (06:14)

Um Ali discusses art she makes with plastic bags collected in the camp. It is difficult for refugees to obtain visas for work, but many have started thriving businesses in the camp. Amenities remain limited.

Refugee Life (04:02)

Ghoussoon describes her experience as a refugee caring for three children. She worked as a nurse in Syria, but now makes hair ties to support her family. She never wants to live in the Za'atari camp.

Camp Education (09:21)

Raouf wants to be a doctor, but he has not gone to school for two years. Ingrasci and Temple try to convince him to attend the camp school. His reluctance is the result of a traumatic event.

Protest March (07:03)

Camp residents hold a demonstration in response to stalled peace talks. Explosions and gunshots are audible. The Alis talk about their son who was murdered. Ghoussoon watches YouTube for status updates from her old neighborhood.

International Rescue Committee (06:46)

Ghassem discusses the struggle to remain optimistic. He has had opportunities to work outside the camp but has chosen to stay as an outreach officer. Um and others discuss the IRC Women’s Center.

Vulnerable Children (06:08)

Refugees discuss extremist groups in Syria and tactics they use to advance their cause. They exploit children who do not have access to education. Ismael volunteers at a children's center that helps children with trauma, school, and other issues.

Last Day at Za'atari (05:28)

After four years of war in Syria, the ability of neighboring countries to accept refugees has reached a breaking point. Ingrasci and Temple interview camp residents about perceptions of Arabs and Muslims.

Credits: Salam Neighbor (03:40)

Credits: Salam Neighbor

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Two American filmmakers travel to Jordan's Za'atari Refugee Camp. With unprecendented access, they live among the 85,000 Syrian refugees in the camp, and document their stories firsthand. This important film sheds light on one of the most dire refugee crises of our time.

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