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Presenting Complaint (01:27)


Hear a description of Virginia Satir's theory of how family members change when they begin to experience togetherness. Two families are engaged in a custody battle over Kevin, who lives with his biological mother Marge.

Joining Family Members (01:31)

Satir establishes Kevin's relationships with his mother and full siblings Theresa, Tim, Paul and Dan.

Family Mapping Exercise (05:39)

Satir uses cataloguing to establish the parameters of distance and proximity in the family. When one of Kevin's sisters answers on his behalf, she suggests that he should speak for himself in the custody battle. His mother challenges this observation.

Focusing on Family in the Present (03:32)

Satir asks participants what they hope to accomplish in the session. Marge wants Kevin mainstreamed in school. Satir conducts enactment; Kevin's father's new family are observers, creating a sympathetic audience among two otherwise feuding groups.

Addressing Kevin's Attention Span (03:42)

Satir empathizes with Kevin's struggle to focus on school work and asks family members how they maintain self-control. Kevin says he takes short mental breaks when needed.

Meditation Exercise (02:13)

Satir uses meditation to reorganize the mood of individual family system members. Her proximal therapy style prioritizes family harmony and self-acceptance over change.

Family Sculpture Exercise (05:48)

Satir uses a tableau to facilitate understanding of peaceful solutions to conflicts in which the conflicting adults participate. She reorganizes family members and becomes a healer, facilitating emotional support.

Restructuring Family (03:07)

Satir creates a sculpture based on the family's potential and gives each member a relationship of proximity and belonging.

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Virginia Satir and the Family

Part of the Series : The Style of the Family Therapist: Whitaker, Satir, and Minuchin
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This program features an introduction to and explanation of Virginia Satir’s session with two divorced parents mediating the custody of their son. Virginia Satir introduces the possibility of harmony between the two families by creating a distance and proximity that is different.

Length: 28 minutes

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