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Encouragement and Empowerment with Mental Health Consumers: Introduction (02:05)


Professor Ronald Rooney introduces the video series featuring involuntary mental health consumers and professionals. Cali Carpenter has suffered persistent mental illness since adolescence and was hospitalized for six years before rejoining the community.

A Guarded Prognosis (02:52)

In 1993, Carpenter recalls feeling hopeless when doctors believed her mental health would never improve. However, she left the hospital, lived independently, and studied at university. In 2012, she describes healthcare professionals overlooking her physical health issues.

Non-Voluntary Status (02:40)

Some mental health consumers experience non-legal threats to their freedom of action. Carpenter describes being hospitalized for the first time at age 16. She was not court-ordered, but felt obligated to commit herself to a locked psychiatric unit.

Learned Helplessness (02:14)

Carpenter reacted to her prognosis by losing the ability to be proactive in her life. She describes losing all freedoms while in a locked psychiatric unit, including her free time.

Leaving the Hospital (04:15)

Carpenter felt afraid of responsibility when she was released to the community, but her case worker encouraged self-confidence and helped her feel empowered. Her group home required ten hours of productivity weekly.

Recent Changes (02:19)

Carpenter has been mislabeled schizophrenic and believes her most recent diagnosis is more appropriate. A newer case manager has encouraged her self-empowerment.

Increasing Self-Confidence (02:38)

With a new case manager's encouragement, Carpenter is attending university and lives independently. She experienced anger during the self-empowerment process.

Fostering Self-Confidence in Mental Health Consumers (05:07)

In 1997, Carpenter discusses her case manager's ability to remain non-judgmental. In 2009, Paula Childers explains her strategy for assisting Carpenter to fulfill her goals, including listening carefully to Carpenter's feedback.

Focusing on the Mental Health Consumer's Goals (03:06)

Carpenter admits she still faces challenges in life. She emphasizes the importance of being the leader of her own mental health team.

Credits: Encouragement and Empowerment with Mental Health Consumers (00:37)

Credits: Encouragement and Empowerment with Mental Health Consumers

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Encouragement and Empowerment with Mental Health Consumers

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In these interviews with mental health consumers about their experience with helpers and the helping process, three consumers describe actions and activities with helpers that contributed to their coping and growth.

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