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"Julius Caesar": Act I, Scene 1 (04:34)


Commoners celebrate Julius Caesar's return after defeating the sons of Pompey.

"Julius Caesar": Act I, Scene 2 (10:50)

A Soothsayer warns Caesar to be cautious on March 15th. Cassius attempts to convince Brutus that Caesar is not a good leader.

"Julius Caesar": Act I, Scene 2: Caesar Enters (08:43)

Caesar believes that Cassius is a man who thinks too much. Casca shares that Mark Antony has offered Caesar the throne of Rome three times but has declined. The crowd applauded him for turning it down.

"Julius Caesar": Act I, Scene 3 (06:49)

Casca shares that a group of senators plan to make Caesar king the next day. Cassius vows to commit suicide before becoming a subject of Caesar's. Cinna agrees to help win Brutus to their side by planting a forged letter.

"Julius Caesar": Act II, Scene 1 (07:52)

Brutus contemplates the conspiracy and decides Caesar must die because the crown would change his nation. Lucius finds the letter that Cassius invented.

"Julius Caesar": Act II, Scene 1: Plotters Arrive (14:26)

Brutus agrees to help the assassins kill Caesar. Cassius suggests they kill Antony as well. Portia asks what is making Brutus so unhappy.

"Julius Caesar": Act II, Scene 2 (08:36)

Calpurnia has a nightmare that Caesar was assassinated and, upon waking, demands that he not leave. Decius arrives and misinterprets the dream to get Caesar to leave the house.

"Julius Caesar": Act II, Scene 4 (02:41)

Portia tells Lucius to run to the Capitol. The soothsayer arrives at Brutus' home and shares that Caesar has not arrived.

"Julius Caesar": Act II, Scene 3 (01:02)

Artemidorius writes a letter warning Caesar to stay away from Cassius, Casca, and Brutus.

"Julius Caesar": Act III, Scene 1 (05:37)

Artemidorius gives Caesar the letter. Metellus Cimber begs for his brother's banishment to be repealed. Casca, Cassius, and Brutus stab Caesar.

"Julius Caesar": Act III, Scene 1: After the Assassination (14:03)

The assassins revel in their success. Brutus promises that the men had a good reason for killing Caesar. Antony asks to be allowed to take the body into the street and speak at Caesar's funeral.

"Julius Caesar": Act III, Scene 2 (16:03)

Brutus delivers a speech explaining that all Romans would be slaves if Caesar became king. Antony delivers the famous "Friends, Romans, and Countrymen" soliloquy. The mob decides to cremate the body and spread its ashes in holy place.

"Julius Caesar": Act III, Scene 3 (01:55)

A mob decides to tear Cinna the Poet into pieces for his bad poetry and pillage and burn the conspirators.

"Julius Caesar": Act IV, Scene 1 (02:22)

A checklist is created of individuals they plan to murder for being a part of the conspiracy. Octavius and Antony argue about Lepidus' character.

"Julius Caesar": Act IV, Scene 2 (02:00)

Brutus wishes they had never killed Caesar. Cassius insists that Brutus has dishonored him.

"Julius Caesar": Act IV, Scene 3 (10:11)

Cassius explains that Brutus ignored a letter asking for Lucius Pella to not be punished. Portia killed herself by swallowing coals. Brutus and Cassius make amends.

"Julius Caesar": Act IV, Scene 3: Planning an Attack (11:05)

Octavius and Antony decree that 100 senators be sentenced to death. The Ghost of Caesar appears and taunts Brutus, informing they will meet in Philippi.

"Julius Caesar": Act V, Scene 1 (07:13)

The armies meet to negotiate peace. Brutus claims he will never return to Rome in chains. Cassius saw a bad omen.

"Julius Caesar": Act V, Scene 3 (05:53)

Antony invades Cassius' tents. Pindarus stabs his master and secures his freedom. Brutus wants to grieve over his friend's death, but realizes he cannot at the moment.

"Julius Caesar": Act V, Scene 4 (01:02)

Lucilius claims to be Brutus. Antony tells his soldiers to treat Lucilius with kindness and orders his men to find the real Brutus.

"Julius Caesar": Act V, Scene 5 (07:09)

Brutus divulges how the ghost of Caesar visited him twice and asks Volimnius to kill him. Antony claims his enemy a "Noble Roman." Octavius orders Brutus buried as an honorable soldier.

Credits: Julius Caesar (00:42)

Credits: Julius Caesar

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A fast-moving thriller about a struggle for democracy, William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar is also a love story between two men united by an explosive act of political violence. Based on the Royal Shakespeare Company’s acclaimed stage production, Gregory Doran‘s film for BBC Television sets the action in post-independence Africa. With echoes of the recent overthrow of dictators during the ‘Arab Spring’, the production explores the implications of political assassination and the unpredictability of its aftermath. Shot on location and also in the RSC’s theatre at Stratford-upon-Avon, Julius Caesar is a sumptuous film that features the original cast of a startling and arresting production. Actors include Paterson Joseph as Brutus, Jeffry Kissoon as Caesar, Cyril Nri as Cassius, and Ray Fearon as Mark Antony.

Length: 152 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64867-424-2

Copyright date: ©2012

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‘Intelligent and deeply moving. Gregory Doran transports us exhilaratingly to a modern Africa’ – The Sunday Times ‘This political drama is scorchingly reinvigorated in Gregory Doran’s staging with a superb ensemble. A resounding triumph and an outstanding contribution to the World Shakespeare Festival 2012’ – Independent on Sunday ‘Triumphantly staged’ – Evening Standard ‘Gripping’ – Daily Telegraph

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