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"Richard II": Act I, Scene 1 (10:16)


Richard II arrives to settle a dispute between Henry Bolingbroke and Thomas Mowbray. The King decides the two should duel on Lambert's Day to settle their differences. (Credits)

"Richard II": Act I, Scene 2 (04:10)

The Duchess of Gloucester visits John of Gaunt, urging him to seek revenge for her brother's death. Gaunt believes that Richard II has been appointed by God. Treason would be blasphemy.

"Richard II": Act I, Scene 3 (14:50)

Mowbray and Bolingbroke enter the field of ritual combat. King Richard II decrees both nobles be banished; Herford for ten and Norfolk for life. Gaunt comforts his son about his exile.

"Richard II": Act I, Scene 4 (02:31)

Bagot and Greene accompany the King returning to Coventry. The commoners love Bolingbroke; he is courteous and friendly to them, and a popular favorite of the lower classes of London. Richard II plans on seizing Gaunt's property and land in order to finance the war with Ireland.

"Richard II": Act II, Scene 1 (12:39)

John of Gaunt hopes he can provide Richard II with some good advice on his deathbed. The King becomes irate after hearing his uncle's final thoughts. After Gaunt dies Richard announces his intention to seize the property of the nobleman to finance the war in Ireland.

"Richard II": Act II, Scene 1: Nobles Plot (03:41)

The Earl of Northumberland, Lord Ross, and Lord Willoughby agree that Richard II is ruining England. Bolingbroke plans to usurp the throne after the King leaves for Ireland. The three decide to join his rebellion.

"Richard II": Act II, Scene 2 (04:47)

Queen Isabel mourns Richard II's absence while he is fighting in Ireland. Greene reveals that Bolingbroke has landed with his army at Ravenspur, on the northeast coast of England. Northumberland, his young son Henry Percy, Lord Ross, Lord Willoughby, and others join the rebellion.

"Richard II": Act II, Scene 3 (08:29)

Bolingbroke and Lord Northumberland ride toward Berkeley Castle. Harry Percy reveals that the Earl of Worchester is joining their rebellion. The Duke of York cannot condone a rebellion against the King.

"Richard II": Act III, Scene 1 (02:31)

Bolingbroke and his men have apprehended Greene and Bushy, who remain loyal to the King. Queen Isabel is staying with the Duke of York.

"Richard II": Act III, Scene 2 (11:03)

Richard II lands at Barkloughly Castle accompanied by the Duke of Aumerele and the Bishop of Carlisle. Lord Salisbury reveals that his Welsh army has fled to Bolingbroke. Bagot, Bushy, Greene, and the Earl of Wiltshire have been executed.

"Richard II": Act III, Scene 3 (11:11)

Bolingbroke and his men arrive at Flint Castle where Richard II is residing. The Duke of Herford sends a message he will stop the rebellion if his banishment is repealed and Gaunt's lands and property are returned to him. The King agrees to go to London with the party.

"Richard II": Act III, Scene 4 (04:54)

Attendants suggest games, singing, and dancing in order to cheer up the regent. Isabel overhears that Richard II has been overthrown. The queen decides to travel to London.

"Richard II": Act IV, Scene 1 (22:57)

Bagot claims that the King and Duke of Aumerele conspired to kill the Earl of Gloucester. Richard II names Bolingbroke as his heir and abdicates the throne. Bolingbroke sets the date of his coronation as the following Wednesday.

"Richard II": Act V, Scene 1 (04:06)

Queen Isabel and her attendants wait on the street to see Richard II enter the Tower of London. He orders her to return to France and think of him as dead. Northumberland arrives and informs the deposed king that he will be residing in Pomfret Castle.

"Richard II": Act V, Scene 4 (00:50)

Sir Piers Exton decides to assassinate King Richard II.

"Richard II": Act V, Scene 5 (06:45)

The deposed king laments his fate in a soliloquy. Exton feels guilty after killing the regent and vows to bury his accomplices at Pomfret Castle.

Credits: Richard II (01:53)

Credits: Richard II

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Deborah Warner’s staging of Richard II with Fiona Shaw as the king stirred up a significant critical controversy when it was presented in 1995 at the National Theatre, and then later in Salzburg and Paris. Among those who recognized its originality and strengths was the critic Paul Taylor who praised the ‘gripping, lucidly felt production’ and Fiona Shaw’s ‘dazzlingly disconcerting… deliberately uncomfortable, compelling performance.’ For the screen version, Deborah Warner and production designer Hildegard Bechtler re-imagined Richard II as an innovative drama that was shot over a fortnight using film techniques. Playing alongside Fiona Shaw is a distinguished cast including Donald Sinden (Duke of York), Richard Bremmer (Henry Bolingbroke), Julian Rhind-Tutt (Duke of Aumerle), Kevin McKidd (Harry Percy) and Paola Dionisotti (Duchess of York). A sumptuous and startling television film, this Richard II offers a unique interpretation of Shakespeare’s tale of a monarch’s downfall.

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