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Sydney, Australia (08:09)


The Sixth Biennale of Sydney brings contemporary artists from across the world. The International Art show's theme is "Origins, Originality, and Beyond;" images exhibited contain a wide range of subjects and time periods. Experts discuss the incorporation of world cultures.

International Equality (02:31)

Individual, regional, and national inflections are incorporated into a global perspective and diffused. Works by Eric Fischl, Sigmar Polke, Carlos Leppe are exhibited together. Chilean artists need to exhibit globally because the international public is frequently misinformed or prejudiced.

Aboriginal Art (09:10)

An audience watches the Ramingining Performance Group. Any expression of Aboriginal art is an act of political defiance. Michael Nelson Tjakamarra translates signs and symbols onto canvas in "Possum Dreaming."

Imants Tillers (07:04)

Richard White examines themes of Australian identity. Tiller describes why he uses canvas boards; panels can be disassembled to reduce shipping costs. Tjakamarra and Georg Baselitz's iconic images are incorporated in "The Ninth Shot."

Roundhouse Arts Center (11:13)

Lubaina Himid, Chila Kumari Burman, Tam Joseph, and Shanti Panchal paint murals for the exhibition. Black art tends to be stereotyped. "The Elbow Room" creates the "Unrecorded Truth," an exhibition of nine black young artists. Sonia Boyce, Donald Rodney, and Sutapa Biswas explore issues of racial identity in Great Britain.

Jean-Michael Basquiat (08:28)

Compare the Lower East Side of New York City to the Bel Air home of Eli Broad. Black people are not portrayed in modern art. In the collaborative paintings, Basquiat defaces Andy Warhol's portion.

National Identity (04:23)

International influence of the American occupation alters Japan. As change occurs, cultures lose aspects of their identity. Staying out of the homogenized mainstream is nearly impossible.

Credits: Identity (01:15)

Credits: Identity

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The final film in the series travels to Australia and to the sixth Biennale of Sydney to explore questions about the national and the international, the global and the local. Among the artists encountered are the Ramingining Performance Group and Nabuo Nakamura. By contrast, the painter Michael Nelson Tjakamarra in filmed in the desert settlement of Papunya. And Imants Tillers presents a different understanding of Australian culture, although he too is concerned with questions of nationality and identity. Back in London, Lubaina Himid works on murals for the reopening of the Roundhouse arts center, along with Chila Kumari Burman, Tam Joseph and Shanti Panchal, and the film also observes their colleagues Donald Rodney, Sonia Boyce and Sutapa Biswas, each tackling questions of personal and cultural identity. In the closing sequence, the film speaks with Jean-Michel Basquiat about his painting and his collaboration with Andy Warhol, raising further provocative questions about politics and culture, ideas and images.

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