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Introduction: Sexuality (05:08)


In traditional roles, a woman's appearance is coded for a strong visual and erotic impact. Masculinity and femininity in the biological and psychological sense cannot be found in humans.

Cindy Sherman (08:21)

Sherman's self-portraits in "French Vogue" challenge the conventions of fashion. Movie stills from the 1940s and 1950s inspire her work. The photographer prefers stills that look like someone else.

Alexis Hunter (03:42)

Dreams reveal that humans do not know everything. The "Passionate Instincts" series explores the aggressive dominance of the creative urge by depicting chimeras mating; chaos is inevitable.

Eric Fischl (09:31)

Sexuality in art has become a moral and political battlefield. "Bad Boy" depicts a boy looking at an older woman in a provocative pose. Fischl explores the suburban middle class in his paintings.

Astrid Sutton (04:46)

Sutton prepares for a "Working Women" magazine photo shoot and discusses makeup. Men and women enjoy looking at images, but women often feel troubled by associations they make.

Mary Kelly (11:30)

"Corpus" employs writing and images to examine women who are conscious of growing older. Kelly does not want the work to become autobiographical. "Interim" explores themes that occurred in conversations from 1980-1983.

Barbara Kruger (06:45)

Modern society is bombarded with visual imagery. Kruger attempts to reconstruct the mechanization behind those images to challenge stereotypes of consumer culture.

Credits: Sexuality (01:14)

Credits: Sexuality

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The five major artists featured in this film question our understandings of ideas of female and male, of fantasy and desire and power. Cindy Sherman, filmed creating one of her iconic photographs, challenges conventional images of women using performance and theatricality and transgressing conventions. Alexis Hunter’s work was informed by involvement in the women’s movement in the 1970s, and she discusses her Passionate Instincts series. Eric Fischl paints intimate, voyeuristic scenes of suburban life in the United States, unsettling and disturbing the ways in which we look at women and men. Mary Kelly employs writing and images for her series Interim, which tackles issues of concern for women in the middle of their lives. And Barbara Kruger employs the forms and languages of advertising and consumer culture to challenge the dominant representations of sexuality and power.

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