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Landy's Clean Start (04:06)


Michael Landy tries to" get rid of himself" in conceptual art. "Market" demonstrates consumerism in society. "Closing Down" highlights the commodification of art.

"Scrapheap Services" (04:10)

It takes three to five years for a project to become visual. A fictitious cleaning company sweeps cut-out figurines and puts them in a shredder, symbolizing the waste of human potential.

"Break Down" (06:14)

Originally called "Michael Landy's Lifestyle," Landy makes an inventory of his possessions and destroys them in public. Ten people work on an assembly line, shredding all components. Landy decides not to sell parts from the exhibit and ends up in debt.

"Nourishment" (03:03)

The exhibition consists of a detailed series of weed etchings, rendered in the traditional style of botanical draftsmanship. Pieces include "Creeping Buttercup" and "Herb Object."

"Semi-Detached" (06:00)

Landy's installation focuses on his father—a former miner incapacitated by an industrial accident. Using sculpture, video, and sound, Landy explores questions of value and usefulness. Mike Smith collaborates on the house's structure.

"Welcome to My World- Built with You in Mind" (03:34)

Landy describes how frustrations with his father have diminished since "Semi-Detached." Pieces include "Self-Contained 2," "Self-Contained 1," "Left sided Orchiectomy," "Singing of the Fairies," and "Bypass."

Credits: Michael Landy (00:21)

Credits: Michael Landy

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Michael Landy acknowledges that he will probably always be known as “that bloke who destroyed all his belongings.” In his 2001 artwork Break Down, he publicly and systematically shredded, dismantled and demolished everything that he owned. “I’m always trying to get rid of myself,” he says, “so that I can move on. And then I end up always coming back to the same themes… I guess I’m a creature of habit.” In this film profile, Michael Landy reflects on Break Down and on his other complex and ambitious projects, Scrapheap Services (1996) and Semi-detached (2004). Prompted by his father’s injury from an industrial accident, /Semi-detached/ involved the construction inside Tate Britain of a full-scale replica of the exterior of his parents’ suburban home. He also discusses his meticulous, delicate drawings as well as the ideas and directly personal concerns that underpin his unconventional art.

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