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Venice Biennale 2001 (07:38)


Mark Wallinger describes representing Great Britain. Works highlighted include "Ghost," "Half Brother (Exit to Nowhere- Machiavellian)" and "Self-Portrait as Emily Davison." There is no middle-class in the racing world.

"Ecce Homo" (02:20)

The life-sized sculpture of Jesus Christ with his hands bound behind his back and wearing a crown of thorns occupies the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.

"Angel" (02:59)

Wallinger describes how he became fascinated with the Gospel according to John. In the video, the artist walks backwards at the bottom of a down escalator reciting the gospel phonetically backwards to demonstrate the relationship between scripture and faith.

Whitechapel Art Gallery Installation (04:08)

Cameras capture the artist sitting in an electric chair, singing Ariel's song from "The Tempest." "The Night of the Hunter" is the inspiration for the photographs of the tattoos in "Prometheus." A circular steel loop emits a continuous buzzing sound.

"On an Operating Table" (03:06)

Wallinger describes the inspiration for the videos; the work incorporates more of the Gospel of St. John. "Time and Relative Dimensions in Space" is a life-sized mirrored model of the TARDIS from "Doctor Who."

"Threshold to the Kingdom" (04:59)

Wallinger captures people departing the International Arrival wing of the city airport. He describes how he incorporates spirituality and religious perspectives into his work. Pieces in the Venice Biennale show include reoccurring motifs of doorways, circles, and death.

Credits: Mark Wallinger (00:30)

Credits: Mark Wallinger

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For his show as Britain’s representative at the 2001 Venice Biennale, Mark Wallinger brought together a typically eclectic group of sculptures, videos and installations. Like Ecce Homo, his much-loved life-size statue of Christ created for Trafalgar Square, the exhibition provoked and challenged and moved many of those who experienced it. Mark Wallinger’s art is often witty and immediately accessible yet at the same time it engages with some of the traditional grand themes, including religion, spirituality and death. His recent works include the ambitious environment Prometheus, centred around a wall-mounted electric chair, and Threshold to the Kingdom which counterpoints the arrival of passengers at an international airport (and perhaps also in Heaven) with Allegri’s beautiful music for the Miserere. In this film profile Wallinger considers the meanings and motivations of his art. He also reflects on his earlier explorations of class and identity, most especially in the series of paintings, photographs and videos about the world of racing which culminated in him owning and running the horse A Real Work of Art. Contains imagery that some audience may find objectionable. Viewer discretion advised. 

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